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Chocolate Challenge at Thistley Hough Academy
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Thistley Hough Academy
Thistley Hough School in Staffordshire are in their third year of working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise to develop their students Essential Skills through Business Trip and Challenge Day opportunities.
Chocolate Challenge
Over the course of the day, the learners were Working in a Team as product developers for a new chocolate company. They were set the challenge of Aiming High to develop a new box of chocolates that appealed to the teenage market. They learnt about a number of business ideas such as profit, opportunity and cost as well as a range of different marketing strategies. Throughout the challenge, the teams were able to apply their Essential Skills to a series of business related challenges linked to starting a new company. At the end of the day, their Presenting was put to the test when they were Sharing Ideas in front of their form and teachers.
We did really well working on our essential skills. I have set myself goals to listen to other people's ideas more, and to motivate the teams I work in.
Year 8 student
I wanted to choose purple for our box design, but the rest of the team wanted other colours. We had to compromise to reach a decision on our box design.
Year 8 student
A really enjoyable day. Students quickly engaged in the team task to design a new chocolate product which enabled them to develop their transferable skills.