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Brilliant Bakes at Thomas's School Clapham
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Thomas's School Clapham
Thomas's Clapham has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2016. They do enterprising challenges throughout the year.
Brilliant Bakes
Over the course of the day children explored the journey from ingredients to bakery in a fun, interactive challenge which saw them design, make and sell their own Brilliant Bakes! With a focus on teamwork, students worked in cross phase groups to set up their own bakery. Having chosen ingredients and baked, they then branded their bakeries with signs, slogans and business cards before ending their day with a bake sale.
Designing BakesBaking
Poster and Bake Sale
I have been using teamwork to make my cakes. I am going last because I am the oldest.
Year 2 Student
Children have reflected on what they have learnt. They have really been developing their leadership skills.
Year 2 Teacher
It has been really fantastic to see children working in cross phase groups. The Year 2 students have been showing really good leadership skills helping the younger ones.
Reception Teacher