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Bid to Build at Trinity CE High School
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Trinity CE High School
Trinity CE High School in the heart of Manchester have worked with Enabling Enterprise since 2018. As part of an annual activities week, Trinity's Year 9s began by taking time to understand and develop skills such as Teamwork, Leadership and Creativity preparing them for the week ahead.
Bid to Build
The students took on a construction challenge which saw them having to use their Problem Solving skills in order to redevelop a run-down seaside town. The day started with the students applying their Teamwork straight away in order to identify the reasons why Bogsby-on-Sea was experiencing an economic downturn. Next, Creativity came to the fore as each team had to come up with a range of solutions that would solve the problems and revitalise the area. It was fantastic to see the students Listening both to the needs of the community and each other's perspectives as they narrowed down their options and made their final team decisions. Then came time to build: Leading and Aiming High were necessary here as time ticked away and the practicalities of the build made amendments to initial plans necessary. Finally, it was time to pitch their redevelopment plan to the other groups. Presenting can be a nerve-racking task, so it was great to see teams Staying Positive and everyone doing their best to persuade the others in the year group to vote for them. It was a fabulous day and the students proved that they have what it takes to be the developers of tomorrow. Well done everyone!
Fish DiagramRegeneration Ideas
Bogsby on Sea
Some of the kids I wouldn't have thought would have got up and spoken did a great job today in joining in and getting their voices heard.
Teacher, Trinity CE High School
I have loads ideas about regenration, I never realised this was a job!
Year 9 Pupil, Trinity CE High School
I've never worked with the people in my team before, but they were alright and we got on with it as a team.
Year 9 Pupil, Trinity CE High School