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Victoria Primary Academy
Eversheds Sutherland Leeds
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Victoria Primary Academy
Along with its sister school, Ebor Gardens Academy, Victoria Academy in Leeds has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2017. Developing skills such as Teamwork and Leading, and Creativity and Problem Solving, the students of this Wellspring Trust Academy have been Aiming High and Staying Positive through Challenge Days, weekly Lesson Time Projects and trips to business' up across Leeds and West Yorkshire.
Eversheds Sutherland Leeds
Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP is one of the largest global law firms in the world with more than 5,000 people, including 3,000 lawyers. It has 68 offices across 34 different jurisdictions which include Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Eversheds Sutherland now hosts school visits in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. These visits build on a core set of eight skills the students are learning back at school, and give students the opportunity to work on a fast-paced legal challenge supported by Eversheds Sutherlands volunteers.
Tricky Trials
On arrival at their hosts, the students were introduced to volunteers who would be assisting them in their challenge on the day. They then found out more about the business by going on a tour and interviewed the volunteers to find out how they use the Essential Skills in their roles, particularly focusing on the use of Problem Solving and Presenting skills. Then, working in teams, the students started working on their different cases, either as the defence or prosecution. With the help of the volunteers, they identified the best arguments, analysed evidence and listened to witness statements as they prepared to go to trial. At the close of the day, they presented their evidence to a judge and jury made of volunteers who decided the outcome of each case.
Pupil WorkingPlanning activity
This was the best day ever! I have loved it all: the office, the print room where we got to scan our hand, the free pens, the toilets!
Year 4 pupil
The day has allowed all children to get involved, it is good for me to see because some children who struggle at school have really opened up today and worked with their peers well.
Victoria Primary Academy Teacher
I am pleased I got involved today, I wish we had something like this when I was at school - it would've given me an insight into the workplace and helped me build the skills I need everyday now.
Eversheds Volunteer