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Commit to Confidence at Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire
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Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire
Engineering UTC North Lincolnshire has worked with Enabling Enterprise since 2017. The students have taken part in fast-paced, work related Challenge Days to introduce the eight Essential Skills.
Commit to Confidence
Over the course of the day, learners worked together to develop their confidence, with a focus on how they could use and apply their Essential Skills, such as Aiming High, Being Creative, Leading, Listening and Understanding, Presenting, Problem Solving, Staying Positive and Working in a Team. They began by considering what confidence is and the habits they can adopt to develop their confidence. Throughout the rest of the day, the learners applied their Enterprise Skills to a range of professional scenarios in preparation for life beyond school. Finally, learners created a personal action plan to continue their development in building their own confidence.
Creative CardsImaginative Masks
Points board filling up!
The students did really well today, this is not how they normally spend the day and it was good to see them doing something different.
Teacher, Engineering UTC North Lincolnshire
I was in a team with people I don't usually work with but we managed to work really well on the creative tasks.
Student, Engineering UTC North Lincolnshire
My team struggled in the morning but by the afternoon we were much better, we'd learned how to work together effectively.
Student, Engineering UTC North Lincolnshire