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The eight essential skills

Build essential skills in your classroom

Children and young people need to be proficient in the eight essential skills in order to thrive at every stage - from the classroom, to the lecture hall, to the boardroom.

Students need to be equipped with the essential skills to succeed - to truly equip children for the future, we must start building these skills from Primary age. We've worked to make it possible for every teacher to start quickly building the essential skills of their children and young people.

Free advice toolkit

We've created a toolkit for teachers that offers advice for embedding the essential skills, the Framework and the principles into your everyday teaching.

Why Skills Builder?

I believe that a focus on the eight skills played a big role in the success of my GCSE Citizenship classes' exam results.

Brett Kingsnorth -
Citizenship and History teacher, Mount Grace School

The eight skills are vital for life-long learning and if we can fit in as many opportunities as possible to sign-post children to these skills in as many different contexts and scenarios that is going to have a great impact on our children.

Rosie Hancock -
Year 5 teacher, Morecambe Bay Primary School

Start building skills today
with the Skills Builder Hub

The Skills Builder Hub provides access to a wide range of tools and resources that educators can use to build essential skills with their learners.

Video activities

Our punchy 10-minute video activities are perfect for developing your students' essential skills efficiently during tutor or circle time.

Classroom resources

We provide a wide range of printable resources for use in the classroom, including posters, certificates and teaching handbooks.

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