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Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College

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Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
We are a large Further Education College with four campuses across West London. We got involved in the Skills Builder Accelerator programme as developing our learners essential skills so that they are ready for employment is at the heart of what we do.
Overall impact
We are in a much better position with Skills Builder being embedded than we were last year. We have engaged the students directly through embedding the programme into their tutorial sessions to support their personal development. Certain curriculum areas have really engaged and have supported their students in completing benchmark assessments so we can really begin to focus on setting achievable skills targets.
Keep it simple
New skills posters have been displayed across all campuses. All learners were given a Skills Builder travel card wallet with pull out information on the 8 essential skills. The cross-college Skills Builder Forum has raised the profile with curriculum heads and cross college leads. An embedded programme is delivered through the tutorial programme. Skills Builder language is used in all Careers and Employability lessons. Employers are notified that students are working towards developing the essential skills during work placements.
Start early, keep going
Induction- All students are introduced to Skills Builder Freshers Fair where all students have the opportunity to find out more about Skills Builder and its importance. Tutorials- All students have a minimum of 8 Skills Builder lessons throughout the year focusing on each skill. Employability Courses- Adults on our Employability courses also engage with Skills Builder.
Measure it
The benchmarking tool has been used in some areas but this is something we want to embed across the whole college next year. We ask students which skills they have developed during their placement; 88% of our Study Programme learners said they developed their essential skills whilst on placement.
Focus tightly
Students have regular opportunities to build their essential skills not just through the curriculum but through enrichment and work placement activities. Enrichment activities where they also develop their skills include: Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops, Student Union and Debate, participating in learner voice, being part of sports academies.
Keep practising
Student have the opportunity to practice their skills during their Work Placements. They can also get involved in enrichment activities and join our Student Union, become Class Representatives and Student Governors.
Bring it to life
We work with a high number of employers who deliver careers talks to learners. We ask that they mention the essential skills that would most benefit their business.
What's next
We are aware that we still have a long way to do in order to achieve our Gold award and have lots of plans. At the end of the summer term we had a whole curriculum training day with Skills Builder which really helped show the importance of using the platforms and has put us in a positive position for engagement for next year with curriculum assuring that it will be embedded into their schemes of learning. There will be more of a push on benchmarking and ensuring that students complete an assessment at the end of each term so we can evaluate their progress. The idea is that each student will have a Skills Builder target for the term and by the end of the year they can show how they achieved each skills (e.g. delivered a presentation would be towards their speaking target) We are just in the process of setting this format up as I would like to ensure students are given a certificate for each skill. Focus on employers delivering the importance of the essential skills and why they are needed is also a focus.
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