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Profile: Tom Ravenscroft
Tom Ravenscroft is perhaps the most quietly passionate proponent of a “skills” curriculum in education today – and if that rings alarm bells, keep reading.
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Education must transform to make people ready for AI
We are doubling down on the idea that if we get children to know things and regurgitate them in a certain way in an exam, then we are setting them up...
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Education’s missing piece
Tom Ravenscroft, Founder and CEO of Enabling Enterprise, explains how he is trying to reduce the skills gap. There is something fundamental missing in...
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School reports miss the talents that matter - just look at Alan Turing
The education system can sometimes struggle to cope with lateral thinkers. Learning has become formulaic – a case of regurgitating knowledge in...
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‘The Missing Piece’ book review - Dr. Mary Bousted
Ravenscroft has not only done his research – the sources in his book are wide and varied – but he also wears his learning lightly. The result is a very...
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Start-up success: six lessons for aspiring social entrepreneurs
While it may sound poetic, Enabling Enterprise was not born in a flash of inspiration. Rather it emerged from my desperate attempts as a naïve new business studies teacher to engage...
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