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Build essential skills around the world

Increasingly, the Skills Builder Framework is being used in contexts across the globe to structure essential skills education.
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This free toolkit shares the Skills Builder Universal Framework, which breaks each essential skill down into teachable, learnable steps.
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Click on the map below to see how our approach is used around the world.

Skills Builder Hub users
Sharing our work
Schola Empirica
Prague, Czech Republic
An educational NGO working to translate the Skills Builder Framework into Czech in order to build essential skills across 120 schools.
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iTeach Schools
Pune, India
A network of six schools using the Skills Builder Hub to build essential skills with their students.
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Sohar International School
Sohar, Oman
A enterprise-focused school who run multiple Projects in the classroom across the school year to prepare their students for success.
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St Andrews, Turi
Turi, Kenya
An international school using Projects in the classroom to develop essential skills with their KS1, KS2 and KS3 students.
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Masindi Public School
Masindi, Uganda
A partner school of one of our UK schools helped to run a Challenge Day with the students at Masindi Public School.
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Challenge Day
Naples, Italy
We took a Challenge Day into a school in Naples to see how essential skills could be built in a different context.
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GEMS Metropole School
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
An international school that runs multiple Challenge Days over the course of the year to help develop students' essential skills.
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Mallorca International School
Mallorca, Spain
An international school running Projects in the classroom to help prepare students with the essential skills for future success.
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EU Entrepreneurship Conference
Kranj, Slovenia
We were represented among 90 delegates attending a workshop on  best practice in Enterprise Education.
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Teach for All conference
Tengchong, China
We shared the Skills Builder approach at the Teach for All conference in China, which took place across four high-intensity days.
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Teach For All Conference
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We traveled to the Teach For All Conference to share the Skills Builder approach with teachers from around the world.
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King's Group Development
Madrid, Spain
Nine international schools and over 400 teachers from Kings' Group schools and COBIS met for a range of workshops.
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Global Innovation Conference
Puebla, Mexico
Tom Ravenscroft delivered a speech on the Skills Builder Approach at Teach For All's Global Innovation Conference.
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University of Tartu speech
Tartu, Estonia
Tom Ravenscroft travelled to Estonia to share our work as Estonia considers how to create a more skills-focused education system.
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Global Entrepreneurship Week
We were represented in Poland at the launch of a new EU-supported report on entrepreneurial education.
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Practical Pedagogies Conference
Cologne, Germany
We traveled to the Practical Pedagogies Conference to outline how our approach can support skills education in the classroom.
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Our punchy 10-minute video activities are perfect for tutor time. We also provide a wide range of printable resources to help your learners build essential skills.

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Our easy-to-use web tool helps teaching staff assess the students quickly and effectively, and view their data clearly. We also have student self- and peer-assessment tools.

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