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The Framework
A picture of two students studying outdoors. Taken at the Armed Forces Senior High Technical School in Kenya.
A picture of two women solving a puzzle together. Taken at Základní škola Litomyšl U Školek, in czechia.
A picture of young children making collages from the Skills Icons. Taken at Al-Kawthar Secondary School, Lebanon..
A picture of a group of girls studying on computers. Taken at Govt Girls Model High School, Kallur Kot, Pakistan.

Building essential skills around the world

The Skills Builder Universal Framework is used in contexts across the globe to support everyone to build essential skills. Book a call to find out more.
Skills Icon: ListeningSkills Icon: SpeakingSkills Icon: Problem SolvingSkills Icon: CreativitySkills Icon: Staying PositiveSkills Icon: Aiming HighSkills Icon: LeadershipSkills Icon: Teamwork

Get involved

NGOs, Charities and Social Enterprises work with us to design programmes that effectively build essential skills in others. Successful programmes are accredited and celebrated on the Impact Directory.
An image of school children learning in an arts and crafts class


Work with us to embed essential skills into the curriculum in your school or college.

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An image of two people working on a problem-solving exercise

Impact Organisations

Work with us to embed essential skills into your programme and increase impact.

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An image of a team having a discussion


Work with us to embed essential skills into your policy or curriculum.

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