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BRACE - Building Resilience and Championing Equality

Available across the UK
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ListeningSpeakingProblem SolvingCreativityStaying PositiveAiming HighLeadershipTeamwork
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Hello, Asalaamu Alaikum, Shalom, Friede, Paco, Paix, Vrede...  

Media Cultured promotes social and cultural unity through education, sport, film, and art.

Award-winning, internationally-accredited workshops improve equality and inclusion practices and effectively tackle racism and hate.  

Partnering with sports clubs, schools, colleges, businesses, and both the public and private sectors Media Cultured deliver world-class education, safeguarding, and equity services. This approach helps to establish purposeful cultural understanding and supports partners to help build legacy in professional and community spaces.

From collaborations with the likes of the Premier League, NSPCC, local councils, Police Forces, NCS, Princes Trust, schools, colleges, and mosques in the UK, Media Cultured have enhanced and supported inclusion and social unity agendas for nearly two decades!

Most importantly their work has raised standards and created new ways of delivering powerful, impactful, and culturally-led world-leading education and training workshops.  

Media Cultured programmes include staff training, sports club workshops, corporate training, and fan engagement events.  Locality-specific approaches and community partnership education frameworks help to develop systems to raise standards across organisations.

Together with key stakeholders and local communities, Media Cultured have developed effective counter-narratives to tackle racism, and far-right hooliganism, and built resilience to hateful ideologies and extremist narratives.   This promotes a clear message of social unity & inclusion across the world.

The interactive and dynamic nature of the workshops supports all attendees with essential skills for the modern world. With rising prejudice and polarisation, it is imperative to take an approach that engages and empowers everyone to be better listeners, speakers and team members, and to stay positive about the world we want to make.

Throughout the session, the four focus skills of Listening, Speaking, Staying Positive and Teamwork are explicitly referenced, with participants guided to reflect on how they are using key skill steps during the workshop.  Online surveys after the session then support explicit reflection on these skill steps, allow individuals to assess themselves against the Skills Builder Framework and to track where progress has been made.  Links and references to build those skills further beyond the programme are also made clear.

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