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Introducing Skills Builder Launchpad

Build your own essential skills with our new resource platform for individuals.
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Easily identify the right starting point for youSearch for a development need or browse one of our skill courses to begin building your own essential skills.
Interactive modules that build every step of the Universal FrameworkShort and engaging modules that support you to build every step of the Universal Framework, with real life applications for education, employment or wider life.
A place to reflect and record how you’ve applied essential skillsArticulate your skills to others through independent reflection, discussion with a mentor or by recording examples of when you have applied the skill step.
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Who's using it?

at secondary school, college or university
as part of your wider professional development
seeking employment or training, to boost work readiness
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Build your own essential skills in three steps

Step 1
Identify key concepts and strategies related to the skill step. Choose to watch, listen or read.
Step 2
Practice the skill step through interactive online and offline activities.
Step 3
Articulate your understanding of the skill step through written reflection or discussion.

How do I get started?

Free for individuals
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