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The Framework

Introducing Skills Builder Benchmark

Discover essential skills strengths and areas for improvement with our new online self-assessment tool
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Discover the essential skillsEach essential skill is broken down into themes, and then smaller steps, so you can make quick and easy reflections.
Benchmark against the Skills Builder Universal FrameworkAnswer simple questions drawn from a single consistent language for building skills across contexts.
Targeted developmentSee your top essential skills strengths and areas for improvement, so you know what to focus on.
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Who's using it?

use it to reflect on your essential skills in everyday life
Secondary schools & colleges
use it to facilitate targeted essential skills education
use it as part of work placements or ongoing professional development
Impact organisations
use it to measure the impact of skills-building activities
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Explore your essential skills in three steps

Step 1
Choose an essential skill and answer some simple questions
Step 2
Discover your strengths, your areas for development and practical ideas to improve
Step 3
Download your personalised Skills Report to share with a tutor or manager

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