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Digital Membership 2020-21

Join a movement of educators building essential skills with access to teaching resources, online teacher training and exclusive webinars.

Why build essential skills with your students?

Your students need essential skills to succeed, now and in the future.

You can start embedding essential skills in your school or colleges through the Skills Builder Digital Membership. The approach is backed by more than 200 leading organisations and already used in over 550 schools and colleges.

“I joined the teaching profession because I believed I could make a difference. Of course this is what a lot of young teachers believe. I'm passionate on driving big changes, equipping pupils with essential future skills that really will make a difference.”
Skills Leader
“Skills Builder provides students with an understanding of how essential skills for the future can be developed and cultivated in a way that they can access.”
Skills Leader
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The Skills Builder approach

The Skills Builder Partnership brings together educators, employers and organisations around a common approach to building eight essential skills.

schools and colleges
organisations and employers

Transform essential skills

The Skills Builder Universal Framework provides the national standard for teaching essential skills. It breaks each skill into teachable steps, supporting progress. All our teaching resources and online tools are developed by teachers and are aligned to the Skills Builder Universal.

Achieve long-lasting change

Refined over a decade, the Skills Builder Principles underpin a rigorous approach to building essential skills. All our support, training and experiences for students are delivered by qualified teachers and aligned to the Skills Builder Principles of best practice.

The Skills Builder Digital Membership

There are two options, both including:
Full access to a suite of resources to build and assess essential skills through the Skills Builder Hub
Ability to add multiple teachers, see each other’s classes and monitor groups’ progress
Exclusive access to monthly webinars to maximise impact and support colleagues
Access to online teacher training modules aligned to the Skills Builder Principles of best practice
Digital Basic
Access 4 Projects or 1 Challenge Day
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Digital Unlimited
Access all 24 Projects and 17 Challenge Days
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Programme elements

Discover the elements that make up the Digital Membership.

The Skills Builder Hub

Access the resources resources for building your learners skills and see the impact online.
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An opportunity to learn and apply three new essential skills through project based learning.
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Challenge Days
An exciting and engaging way to apply essential skills to a real-world challenge.
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Success stories

Discover the incredible work Skills Leaders have done to build essential skills in their school or college.

William Tyndale Primary School
Hornsey School for Girls (Secondary)
Oak Grove College (SEN)