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A photo of skills builder staff attending a Team Day and brainstorming an activity together

Work with us

Join our dynamic and enthusiastic team as we build an international movement around the eight essential skills. Skills Builder is social impact organisation with an outsize impact. Working here will allow you to boost your professional development and grow in your career. All whilst working alongside some amazing colleagues.
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How we work

We combine the fun and dynamism of a start-up, the professional development opportunities of a corporate, the innovation of a digital native and the social impact focus of a charity.

A photo of the Skills Builder team during Partnership Day 2022

We are serious about delivering social mobility through our vision that one day everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. That means we are ambitious and set high standards for ourselves. We are reflective, inclusive and supportive. In practice this means that everyone makes time for others in the team, we get stuck in to solve problems together, we have regular employee surveys where leadership talk through every single suggestion and the whole team is involved in developing our strategy.

What our team say


Our team consistently say they have never worked anywhere as supportive, friendly or collaborative. We genuinely care about each other and our mission.

We are delivering system change in a way that is tangible, working with a wide range of partners to have a social impact.


Every day, we make work fun!

Skills Builder is somewhere you can grow and learn. We build our own essential skills alongside our technical skills and expertise.


Quotes from our anonymous team survey:

Working at SkillsBuilder is brilliant. I feel well supported, and am making the most progress in terms of essential skills and career-long learning than I've ever made previously in my career.
I value the importance of regular line management and the opportunity to feedback in the Pulse Survey windows. I always feel supported, valued and trusted by my line manager. Our team is reflective and supportive.
The team are always supportive, and fun to work with. I know I can rely on all my team members and call on them for help if I ever need it. All the team are great at giving each other shout outs and recognising the hard work everyone puts in daily.
I have been extremely well supported by my line manager and team lead, and have had the opportunity to complete varied and interesting work. I have a number of projects coming up in the new year that I am excited about, and have benefitted from professional development opportunities. My time is well managed, and any additional workload is given with thought and consideration. I feel listened to within the team, and am given work that plays to my strengths and interests. My colleagues within the team are very supportive, and the collaborative approach we have ensures that all work is completed to the highest standard. This is credit to the leadership of the team.
I very much enjoy being part of my team. I think there is a real sense of trust, ownership and opportunities to sound board and collaborate.
I am enjoying building relationships/ friendships at work now that more people are coming into the office. I've also really enjoyed the new social initiatives e.g pastry social.
October team day was also excellent - the brand book training was extremely useful, and the afternoon session where everyone was asked to feed into the team strategy was great.
I am really happy in my role and think Skills Builder is a great place to work. I feel very supported to develop and am constantly being pushed to learn new skills!
A great team day and wrap up to a successful year, so thank you to everyone involved. I think the flexible working attitude at Skills Builder is very good and something I am very grateful for.
I've been really impressed this term with the role allocations for next year. The process was clear, transparent and resulted in me being allocated a role that I'm really excited about.
I'm excited for next year and I am happy with what I will be working on. I think everyone feels included and listened to. I feel like I am going to be supported to learn and grow with more responsibilities.

Inclusive Recruitment

Our hiring process is transparent, promoting equal opportunities

Skills and ability, not experience or qualifications
Meet a variety of people from across the team so you can learn about our culture
No surprises – you get a full briefing on all the recruitment exercises
Transparent scoring criteria, so you know what to aim for

The key roles we hire

An image of an education associate delivering in-school support with an educator

Education Associates

Each year we recruit a cohort of former outstanding teachers. They go on to manage strategic relationships and deliver impactful programmes with educators, impact organisations and employers.

These roles are usually advertised each year in early spring.

An image of a group of Skills Builder team members working on a collaborative project

Core capabilities and impact enablers

Delivering an outsize impact at scale requires brilliant people across the organisation, from finance to comms and development.

These roles are advertised as and when they arise.

Job openings

No positions available
We're fully hired at the moment. However, do feel free to follow us on LinkedIn to hear about future opportunities.