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PA Consulting Essential Skills Workshop series

Available across the UK
Northern Ireland
England - North East
England - North West
England - Yorkshire & Humber
England - West Midlands
England - East Midlands
England - South West
England - South East
England - East
England - Greater London
Available internationally
Czech Republic
South Africa
0 - 4
4 - 7
7 - 11
11 -16
16 - 18
18 - 21
21 -25
25 - 30
30 - 35
In person
Online & in person
In person
Through a school or college
Through an organisation
Independently / Self-serve
ListeningSpeakingProblem SolvingCreativityStaying PositiveAiming HighLeadershipTeamwork
Impact Level 2Impact Level 1Impact Level 3Impact Level 4

PA Consulting’s Essential Skills Workshop series is a provision - aimed at young people aged 11-18 – designed to hone in on the eight essential skills identified to succeed in the workplace. The eight sessions are designed to run either as either one- or two-hour workshops with a dedicated focus on each of the eight essential skills. During the sessions participants learn about the skill in the context of PA Consulting and how that skill is used in the workplace, using real-life examples from PA’s client work. Participants then apply their learning to scenarios where they get to experience and practise using the skill, supporting them to build a comprehensive understanding of the focus skill throughout the session.

The Essential Skills Workshop series supports essential skills development at Level 3 for the following reasons:

  • The workshops are clear and easy to follow, consistently using the Skills Builder names, definitions, and icons.
  • They incorporate an assessment of how confident the participant feels about the skills before and after the sessions, enabling them to demonstrate their progress.
  • They give the participant an opportunity to practice using the skills during the session through a series of practice scenarios working in teams or individually.
  • They apply real-life examples from PA Consulting client work to bring the skills to life in a work context for the participants.
  • There is built-in reflection time in each of the workshops enabling the participant to understand whether they have made progress in that specific skill.
  • Participants complete a workbook during the sessions which they can keep and refer back to/reflect upon at a later date.
  • Each workshop is packaged with a facilitator guide to enable volunteer presenters to deliver a consistent experience each time.
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