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Global Accelerator2023-24

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The Skills Builder Global Accelerator is our new flagship programme for educators worldwide. We work together with you to develop and implement a complete strategy for teaching essential skills in your institution, including training and support, tools and resources - resulting in real impact for your students.
Be an innovator and network with other Skills Leaders
Empower students to build and articulate their essential skills
Implement a complete strategy to bring teaching colleagues with you

Developed with more than 200 leading organisations, the Global Accelerator is the new flagship programme of the Skills Builder Partnership. We work together to develop and implement a complete strategy for teaching skills in your institution.

The Skills Builder Accelerator has already impacted over 400 schools, colleges and alternative settings. In 2023-24, we are excited to work with innovative educators to lead the development of essential skills worldwide. The programme includes training and support for the Skills Leader, tools and resources for your colleagues, and real impact for your students.

Benefits for you

  • Join a cohort of Skills Leaders and network across two full days of training
  • Develop your expertise in building essential skills
  • Design a programme with real impact, with support from the Skills Builder team
  • Be an innovator and lead a strategy to transform your institution's approach to preparing every student with the essential skills to succeed

Benefits for your institution

  • Gain the Skills Builder Award as recognition of best practice in essential skills education
  • Demonstrate your investment in students’ wider personal development
  • See tangible progress with data from teacher assessments and student self-assessments
  • Tailor your training sessions to address the needs of your teachers and support staff
  • Embed sustainable strategies to achieve long-lasting change across your institution

The Partnership

The Skills Builder Partnership brings together 800+ education institutions, employers and leading organisations around a common approach to building eight essential skills. Central to our approach is a rigorous progression framework, a set of underlying principles and a complete suite of tools and teaching materials.

The Framework

The Skills Builder Universal Framework builds off the original Skills Builder Framework, launched in 2017, which has already proved its worth with children and young people, used in more than 750 organisations in the last year. It breaks each skill into teachable steps, supporting progress for students of all ages and abilities - including those with special educational needs.

The Principles

Refined over a decade, the Skills Builder Principles outline best practice in teaching essential skills. The six principles will form the basis of your strategy and your success embedding them will be recognised with the Skills Builder Award.

The Hub

Designed by teachers for teachers, the Skills Builder Hub is the online teaching and impact platform for building essential skills. Aligned to every step of the Framework, there are 300+ Short Lessons and a suite of reinforcing resources including posters, assemblies and passports.

Click on each of the Accelerator elements to learn more.
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Strategic support
Termly 1-hour video call
Skills Leader, Senior Leader and Skills Builder associate
Develop your bespoke strategy and set goals to achieve the Skills Builder award
Learn more at our regular webinars
Strategy Meeting 1
Apply learning from Skills Leader Training Day 1 and outline what success looks like with tangible goals
Learn more at our regular webinars
Strategy Meeting 2
Celebrate successes, explore your data and review your programme goals
Learn more at our regular webinars
Strategy Meeting 3
Reflect on your year, make plans for the future and achieve your Skills Builder award
Learn more at our regular webinars
Skills Leader training
Day of live training and networking
Skills Leader and any project leads
Learn from fellow Skills Leaders and share best practice
Learn more at our regular webinars
Skills Leader Training Day 1
Explore the basics of the Skills Builder approach and network with your fellow Skills Leaders
Learn more at our regular webinars
Skills Leader Training Day 2
Capitalise on the Skills Leader network to develop change management strategies and share best practice
Learn more at our regular webinars
Teacher training
Twilight or daytime, provided by Skills Builder and booked by you
Teachers and/or support staff
Equip your teachers with the tools and confidence to build skills into their practise
Learn more at our regular webinars
Teacher Training Session 1
Implement your strategy by training a group of your teachers on how to use the Skills Builder approach with their students
Learn more at our regular webinars
Teacher Training Session 2
Address your strategic goals with a bespoke training session that will add maximum impact to your programme
Learn more at our regular webinars
Ongoing support
Exclusive webinars
Termly, invites by email
Skills Leader and teachers
Explore latest research and discussion topics from SEND to Careers to life outcomes.
Online training modules
Bitesize modules on each Skills Builder Principle
Skills Leader and teachers
Become an expert in essential skills and invest in professional development
Learn more at our regular webinars
Premium elements
(not covered by funding)
Learn more at our regular webinars
Online tools and teaching resources
Online resource and impact platform
Reflect on your class’s essential skills and find the right resources to teach them
Online self-assessment tool
KS3+ students and teachers
Give students the tools and language to recognise and articulate their skillset
Learn more at our regular webinars
For those making a commitment to high-quality essential skills education.
  • Started embedding the Skills Builder Principles
  • Some teachers will be using a common language for essential skills
  • Plans for further development will be in place
For those building on their commitment to high-quality essential skills education.
  • Made good progress towards embedding the Skills Builder Principles
  • Majority of teachers will be using a common language for essential skills
  • Policies and procedures will have begun to reflect the approach
For those modelling best practice in high-quality essential skills education.
  • Fully embedded the Skills Builder Principles
  • All teachers will be confident educators of essential skills
  • Essential skills education will be fully integrated into daily practice

What is the Award?

  • The Skills Builder Award recognises high-quality essential skills education at a Bronze, Silver or Gold standard.
  • The Award is achieved by schools and colleges who demonstrate best practice by embedding the Skills Builder Principles.
  • Your Award will last 3 years and you will receive a kitemark and certificate.

How do I achieve it?

  • In your first strategy meeting, you and your Education Associate will discuss your priorities and internal structures, and map out a plan for the year to achieve the Award you want to work towards.
  • Together, we will agree goals and actions that are aligned to your personalised strategy.
  • Over the year, we will work together to gather evidence and fine-tune your strategic plans.
  • In the third term, after your final strategy meeting, you will hopefully achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Skills Builder Award.
Visit the Case Studies Showcase to see stories from schools and colleges across the country...
ABQ Sohar

ABQ Sohar

Sohar, Oman

ABQ Sohar International School in Oman have been working with Skills Builder for several years. They serve students from 3 to 16 years old, and are keen to develop them into well-rounded, imaginative people.

This project did not just raise awareness with our students, but impacted the whole community. After a week or two of running this Going Green campaign, we received messages from parents giving advice and assistance to help our school and community recycle.

Start early, keep going

ABQ Sohar believes that academic subjects alone won’t set every child up for success in life. They believe that a focus on these essential transferable skills from the earliest primary years both unlocks learning in the classroom and prepares students to be truly successful in their generation. Furthermore, it’s crucial that these skills be developed alongside the regular curriculum.

Measure it

The programme ABQ Sohar has developed pays close attention to individual needs, giving each child the freedom to build up each skill at their own pace. Staff keep a close eye on individual students’ progress, using the Skills Builder Universal Framework to structure their assessment. They then use those insights to tailor their teaching to the needs of their class.

Focus Tightly

ABQ Sohar has committed to focused skills education by initiating an Enterprise Hour into the weekly timetable. During these lessons, learners throughout the school tackle multi-session classroom Projects. The school incorporates this into their semester motto and vision as well: the weekly assembly message and topics for all subjects are centred around the Project theme.

The Surin Academy

The Surin Academy

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Surin Academy is an inclusive school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that champions hands-on and personalised learning for every child. The school supports learners in the Primary and Secondary phases. They have been working with the Skills Builder Partnership since 2019.

"The steps are simple, clear and organised. Each step comes with additional supportive activities that help teachers to further improve students' essential skills. The programme has made teaching essential skills a lot easier for teachers."
Dr. Aliyah Baharuddin, Skills Leader

Keep it Simple

Teachers in Primary and Secondary are focusing on consistently using the language of the skills with students during lessons, especially focusing on Listening and Staying Positive. Teachers are ensuring that the language of the skills is a present part of the learning process.

Start Early

After a successful launch in the Secondary phase, the school are now focusing on ensuring that there are clear opportunities for students to learn, apply and reflect on the essential skills across both Primary and Secondary phases.

Keep Practising

Students in the Secondary phase are using Skills Passports to support their reflections of using the essential skills. Teacher training has focused on simple ways to highlight how essential skills are being used in the classroom and help students to acknowledge this.

iTeach Schools

iTeach Schools

Pune, India

The iTeach network of schools is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and currently works with students from the age of 14 to 16. The network currently has 6 schools using the Skills Builder approach with over 1,300 students and 70 teachers. The network joined the Skills Builder Partnership in 2018, to more effectively develop and measure the 8 essential skills using the Skills Builder Universal Framework.

The Skills Builder Universal Framework helps me to communicate the overall progress of the students to all of our stakeholders.
Anagha Padhye, Skills Leader - iTeach ADH

Keep it Simple

At the start of their programme, Skills Leaders received training on the Skills Builder Universal Framework. From this, each of the schools identified 3 skills to focus on in the coming academic year, to keep the approach simple for teachers, students and parents. This has allowed each school to report to various stakeholders on the teaching and development of the essential skills, specific to their students’ needs.

Measure it

Empowering teachers and students to measure the development of the skills effectively is a key element of the Accelerator programme. In the schools, students have been completing self-assessments to identify their strengths and areas of development. From this self-assessment, teachers use the results to plan activities specific to their student’s areas of development, using the Skills Builder Hub dashboard.

Keep Practising

The essential skills form a core part of the school’s holistic activities programme. Students have the opportunity to learn, practise and reflect on their use of the skills across a variety of disciplines, including project work, reading groups, arts and coaching sessions. This supports students to see the skills’ importance and use in a variety of ways.

Visit the Case Studies Showcase to see stories from schools and colleges across the country...
How do I apply?

It takes about fifteen minutes to complete an online application form. In your application, you will be asked to outline how you think the Accelerator will benefit you, your colleagues, your institution and, importantly, the students you work with.

We review applications after each deadline. You will be contacted via email within one week of the application deadline on the outcome of your application.

Can I speak to someone about the programme?

We are running free information webinars where you can learn more, preview resources and ask questions to our team. Pick the best date/time for you here. Alternatively you can email us at accelerator@skillsbuilder.org and we will get back to you.

Who can apply for the Accelerator?

Any school, college or specialist educational setting outside of the UK can apply for the Global Accelerator. There are a limited number of programme places.  If you are in the UK, please go to the Accelerator page here.

How much does the Accelerator cost?

The Accelerator core elements cost £1900 ($2544) per institution per year. There are funded options for eligible schools and colleges. Please see below for eligibility. Premium elements have additional, associated costs for all.

Who is eligible for funding?

We fundraise through our employer partners, who want to directly support you to the Global Accelerator. Funding is restricted to state-maintained (and low-fee paying) schools, colleges and specialist educational settings, who aren’t already working with us.

What happens if my application for funding is unsuccessful, do I have to pay?

No. If your application is unsuccessful it will be for one of two reasons. Either all the programme places have been filled or your application did not quite meet the threshold. If all the places are full, you may be placed on a waiting list and we will let you know if this is the case. Alternatively, if there are still programme places available but your application did not quite address the criteria we were looking for, then you will be invited to reapply in the next round.

What makes a successful application?

We can only work with the most committed schools and colleges. In your application, you will need to demonstrate your commitment to impact with the Global Accelerator. You will be asked to outline how you think the Global Accelerator will benefit you, your colleagues, your institution and the students you work with.

When do applications close?

There are three application rounds, opening on Friday 20th February 2023. Round 1 deadline is Friday 31st March, Round 2 deadline is Friday 26th May and Round 3 deadline is Friday 7th July. We anticipate that in some areas all programme places and associated funding will be allocated before the final deadline, so you are encouraged to apply early for the best chance of success.

What languages will training and support be delivered in?

All training and support will be delivered in English.

I work at an independent school/college outside the UK, can I apply for the Accelerator?

If you are a private school or college outside the UK you cannot apply for the Global Accelerator pilot. You can still access our free tools and resources, including Skills Builder Hub, Skills Builder Benchmark and Skills Builder Launchpad. If you are unsure, get in touch.

Round 1 deadline
31st March 2023
Round 2 deadline
26th May 2023
Round 3 deadline
7th July 2023

You can find out more about the Global Accelerator before applying in a few ways:

Register your interest
Stay informed with the latest updates on funded places in your area - click here
Come to a webinar
Find out more, preview resources and ask your questions about the Accelerator - click here
Send us an email
Still have questions? Email us at accelerator@skillsbuilder.org

We look forward to receiving your application.