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Global Spotlight: Schola Empirica, Czech Republic

Every month, our Global Spotlight series showcases examples of best practice in teaching and building the eight essential skills across the ten international settings that we currently work in.

This month brings us to Schola Empirica in the Czech Republic. Stay tuned for more!

About Schola Empirica

"What was important for the teachers was having a tool that broke down skills into steps to make the teachable. We don't have such a material in the Czech Republic."

Schola Empirica is a non-profit organisation situated in Prague, Czech Republic. They aim to contribute to innovation in education, seeking to learn from global networks that pioneer novel approaches to developing social and emotional skills in learners. They're now expanding, translating, and adapting materials to teach essential skills, and advocate to place them on a par with the technical and basic skills of literacy and numeracy that have so far been the main focus of curriculums in the Czech Republic.

Watch the below video to learn how they've been finding the experience.

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