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The Framework

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About Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise is a not-for-profit social enterprise, established by Tom Ravenscroft and a team of teachers in 2009 with a clear mission: to ensure that one day, all children and young people build the essential skills to thrive.

We focus on building eight essential skills with the same rigour as any other learning: teamwork; leadership; problem solving; creativity; listening; presenting; aiming high; and staying positive. Over the last ten years, our work has grown from a single classroom to over 96,000 students in the last year alone.

Our work is increasingly focused on the Skills Builder Partnership: bringing together educators, employers and other youth organisations around a common language and shared outcomes for essential skills. We support each of these partner groups in different ways, and you can explore our website to find out more.

You can see how our work has evolved through our latest Impact Report.