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Skills Leader Network Event 6 - Celebrating impact with a Skills Builder Award and case study

Ever wondered how other schools and colleges embed the essential skills into their provision? Or maybe you’re just curious to see what essential skills education looks like? 

Every year schools and colleges have the opportunity to write a case study for our Case Studies Showcase, which celebrates the achievements of schools and colleges across the UK and wider world. Structured around Skills Builder’s 6 principles of best practice, partners in education outline how they have built the eight essential skills into curriculums, projects, events and the wider school and college life. 

Each case study is completely bespoke as schools and colleges demonstrate how they have tailored and adapted their approach to best suit their learners, setting and priorities. From starting with a modest scope and focus to attain a Bronze award, to embedding essential skills into the fabric of the setting at Gold, the Case Studies Showcase shows a wide range of information, guidance and examples.

As well as a chance to highlight each provision’s accomplishments, the Showcase is a valuable resource for individuals. Be it educational settings about to start on their essential skills journey, to those who are more experienced, schools and colleges use the tool to gather strategies and ideas. We also share these examples with interested employer or impact organisation partners.

A sterling cohort of schools and colleges

We’re incredibly proud of this year’s cohort of schools and colleges and the commitment they are making to building essential skills. Recent research from the partnership demonstrates that without essential skills, high levels of education and basic skills knowledge are less likely to lead to positive life outcomes. By implementing opportunities for pupils to develop their skills, our partner schools and colleges are positively impacting students’ future life outcomes. We love to showcase this impact through case studies and encourage as many settings as possible to write one.

Advice for writing case studies

In our latest webinar for Skills Leaders, we learned how three fantastic settings approached writing a case study. With hints and tips shared by Education Associates, Skills Leaders gained a comprehensive understanding of what to highlight, how to write about each of the 6 principles of best practice and, for schools aiming for a Gold Award, how to collate evidence. There were also suggestions for how the case study could then be shared and celebrated by schools once completed.

Top 5 takeaways

  1. Look at a couple of examples on the Case Study Showcase for inspiration
  2. Think about what you are most proud of achieving this year
  3. Use notes from strategy meetings to gather information for each principle
  4. Ask colleagues for ideas of best practise that have happened this year
  5. Make use of your Education Associate to chat through any questions or support you may need.

On a programme and interested in writing a case study for your school or college? Contact your Education Associate for your unique form.

If you’re not currently working with us and keen to join us, final applications for the 24-25 Accelerator programme are currently open and close on Friday 5th July.