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Abraham Moss Community School

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Abraham Moss Community School
Our school is a melting point in terms of the various cultures, languages and ethnicities that make up our wonderful school community. Our motto is 'in diversity is strength', and whilst this multi-culturalism is something we are extremely proud of, it can and does lead to a number of challenges. For example, low English competency levels and lack of cultural capital means we have to work extremely hard to equip our pupils with the necessary skills in order to succeed in the wider world; therefore, I wanted to get involved with the Accelerator plus programme to facilitate this development.
Overall impact
The challenge day was fantastic as it allowed the pupils to put into practice what they've developed and we were able to celebrate their achievements as a school by informing staff and parents of the amazing work they completed.
Keep it simple
Every Monday during tutor time with the year 11 pupils we use the hub to enhance a key skill that we have identified as a year team needs developing. For instance, given pupils have been applying for college this year, we looked at developing the skill of aiming high and staying positive. Pupils then use their passports to log where they have put that skill into practice and to set a target for themselves.
Start early, keep going
This year we have enabled the year 11 Prefect Team to mentor specific pupils in year 8 using the benchmark tool. This has allowed them to be empowered to use the skills they have been developing during their own skills builder journey to inspire and motivate their younger peers who have been identified as requiring extra intervention.
Measure it
The passports have been used to monitor progress along with regular student and staff voice which I conduct by obtaining feedback every half term. Moreover, we conduct an entry and exit assessment on skills builder to evaluate how much progress has been made by each tutor group.
Focus tightly
Colleagues across the school have been given information regarding the skills builder programme and so they have been asked to both use this language in their lessons to guide pupils to demonstrate their skills set, but also encourage students to monitor progress through reflections in the passports. Tutors then check in on this during tutor times.
Keep practising
In my school I run The Girls Network, which consists of 20 girls from BAME backgrounds that I work with in order to enhance their self-confidence and encourage them to break any barriers to their success. The Accelerator programme has been invaluable this year in supporting my programme with the girls. Judith Grazier (my support link at Skills Builder) has provided me with so many opportunities for girls to practise their essential skills. The girls work with me over two years and during this time they have engaged with various activities with employers, attended a Q&A with inspiring business people and taken part in challenge days- all of which have helped them with personal development.
Bring it to life
Following on from the skills builder projects, we have been able to build networks with employers to provide further opportunities for our pupils - this includes valuable work experience.
What's next
Hopefully we will be able to work towards Gold award and continue to build on the networks that Skills Builder (formally Enabling Enterprise) have provided us with!
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