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Ashdown Primary School

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Ashdown Primary School
We are a two form entry, split site primary school in East Sussex and we got involved with Skills Builder following my year working with the East Sussex Primary Careers Hub. We did a lot of work which focused on teaching essential skills to children at primary age groups and I felt passionately that this should continue at our school.
Overall impact
I think that this has been a really good year for introducing the elements of the Skills Builder approach to the whole school. I am really looking forward to driving this more next academic year, especially now all staff have got to grips with the changes in English and Maths. I am also working with our PSHCE lead to include explicit links to the essential skills in the PSHCE curriculum.
Keep it simple
All classrooms have made use of the Skills Builder Hub to assess some of the essential skills. I have asked the teachers to only focus on ones that are important to their classes on the return to school from both closures. Each classroom has also been given elements of classroom displays which are up and being used by classes regularly. One class has been very creative with this and the skills being used in each lesson are highlighted by activating a light behind the symbol during each lesson.
Start early, keep going
All children within school have been accessing resources on the Skills Builder Hub. Early Years have been accessing some of the skills stories on the system along with the Year 1 classes. These resources have been used differently throughout the school with some classes using some of the lessons for discussion points in various subjects.
Measure it
We have started to use the Skills Builder Hub for assessments, and want to continue to build off this. We have had a lot of change within the core curriculum this year but want to integrate these assessments eventually.
Focus tightly
In our changes to the teaching of reading, there is a large focus on communication and working as part of a team. This has really helped to develop these essential skills within each class and ensure that the children get regular practice of these skills.
Keep practising
We are planning to make fuller use of the Skills Builder projects and challenge days next year. We have been using these skills in our reading and writing lesson and also within PSHCE when having class discussions during our RSE term.
Bring it to life
I feel this is an area that we have missed out on with the coronavirus restrictions this year. We would like to make use of virtual visitors and school trips to really push the essential skills forward at Ashdown Primary School.
What's next
I plan to buy the Digital Unlimited membership which will give us access to lots of projects and challenge days. These can then be used to kick start the use of Skills Builder in the new school year and get a buzz around the school for essential skills. I also plan to hold coffee meetings with parents to discuss careers and potentially a careers fayre towards the end of the year.
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