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Calverton Primary School

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Calverton Primary School
We are a two form entry primary school in Newham. We started Skills Builder two years ago and identified the importance of teaching children how to use and transfer the 8 essential skills in their everyday learning/activities.
Overall impact
Children and staff thoroughly enjoy Skills Builder and can see the impact it has on children's learning. Children feel that there is a purpose to learning these skills and enjoy applying it in their everyday lives. Staff and children are very enthusiastic and proud of their progress in the skill steps.
Keep it simple
Every classroom now displays all 8 skills (logos). Children get Dojo points when they demonstrate their essential skills. A child from every class is chosen every week for demonstrating the focus skill well - this is celebrated in a weekly celebration assembly. The fortnightly focus skill is communicated in staff bulletin every week. Whole school challenge days - showcased in newsletters, involve teachers and leaders. Development of essential skills is mentioned in the well being part of the school development plan.
Start early, keep going
During lockdown, Skills Builder Homezone links were sent out weekly on well being Wednesdays (all years) - children were sent through reflections. There was positive parental engagement. All classes were taught all essential skills (teachers use the Skill Builder Hub short lessons) weekly.
Measure it
Baseline assessments are completed for most skills. Some staff have updated progress scores. Our Skills Leader encouraged all staff to update scores before the end of term.
Focus tightly
Timetable in the weekly school bulletin includes Wednesday Skills Builder themed lesson so we know this is happening weekly.
Keep practising
Unfortunately, there have been no clubs because of Covid. Clubs would usually be run by teachers. But we do refer to the essential skills in other lessons so there is time to practise.
Bring it to life
In the summer term, we have a Skills Builder Challenge day for all pupils. Last year, it was Crime Scene and this year it was Crash Landing. All children were able to apply all 8 essential skills to help complete tasks.
What's next
At Calverton, we want to fully embed the skills into all our lessons and daily activities. We want children to use these skills continuously, recognise the importance of them and identify links to when and where they can and have used these skills.
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