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Co-op Academy Woodlands

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Co-op Academy Woodlands
We are an inner city primary school in the Harehills and Gipton area of Leeds with high numbers of pupil premium, SEN and new to English learners. As part of our implementation of the Careers Related Learning Framework, we have worked closely with our Trust Careers Leader and Network using the Skills Builder skills through our curriculum plans.
Overall impact
We feel that the aspirations of our children are beginning to rise, with children's horizons being broadened and teachers are able to pick out particular skills that link to their future in emploment, being specific with why they need to learn a specific skill.
Keep it simple
We have added the skills builder skills to our RESPECT Behaviour system. We have also introduced using the Skills Builder Skills as part of our assemblies and in our medium term foundation subject plans.
Start early, keep going
We have introduced the skills builder skills in our Early Years Foundation Stage, with children taking part in whole-school days too. On some of our newletters, we have shared the Home Hub challenges with parents.
Measure it
Our Skills Builder Associate delivered hands-on training using the Skills Builder HUB tracker and assessment tool, enabling teachers to make group assessments, ensuring stand-alone skills builder sessions are pitched at the correct level.
Focus tightly
We use the skills builder sessions, online lessons and resources to support stand-alone sessions and up-level our whole-school days. We also took part in some projects and theme days, including Future Transport and the Wates Imaginiative Inventors project.
Keep practising
We have added CRL skills to our foundation subjects medium term planning, as well as giving children opportunities to take part in a range of project days and off-timetable focus days, such as a Big Maths day. Teachers are reminded to refer back to these skills throughout their lessons.
Bring it to life
We encourage our teachers to discuss careers with visitors who come into school, and when out on school trips, using a form that includes all of the skills builder skills. We have also had specific professionals into school that link to our foundation subject topics, such as a physiotherapist linked to science in Year 3.
What's next
We would like to hold pupil voice panels to gain futher understanding of children's views of CRL and career skills. We also would like to work towards the Quality in Careers mark, working with our trust. Finally, we'd like to begin an aspirations audit to track how our children's aspirations change over time.
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