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Comberbach Primary School

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Comberbach Primary School
We are a one form entry school based in Cheshire. We joined Skills builder following the success of the program in schools within our Trust.
Overall impact
The teachers have all embraced and embedded the skills into every day teaching. The children are beginning to use the language and skills across the curriculum. Children have become confident and more aware of their skills - this may mean that some children take a more lead role and also children have learnt to be led by others.
Keep it simple
We have the icons displayed in our classroom and the skill that is the focus for the term is on everyone's teaching slides. The language is used throughout every lesson and assemblies are used to embed the skills each half term.
Start early, keep going
All children, even our nursery children, are involved. The language and skills are taught in an age appropriate way to ensure that we start early. Skills are sustained throughout their time at school, rather than taught as a one off lesson.
Measure it
We track progress over time using the Hub. We assess the success we see in all areas of the curriculum e.g. PE lessons-working on group tasks. We discuss with the children what skills they are using and how they need to improve.
Focus tightly
We focus on what they already know and build on this for the next steps. We give explicit and direct instructions to ensure that specific skills are taught, not just picked up along the way.
Keep practising
We build essential skills into our curriculum. There is a key focus each half term and we use the lessons as a starting point. We then include activities and use the vocab throughout all areas of learning. This is included in extra curriculum activities as staff throughout the school have had the same training.
Bring it to life
We have lots of links with the local community. The children research and present to different people and use the skills that they have learnt in these areas. We have not had links with local businesses due to Covid restrictions.
What's next
We have had a parent workshop and we intend to build on this. We also intend to build it into lunch times and develop relationships with outside agencies.
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