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Cottenham Village College

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Cottenham Village College
SkillsBuilder was offered as a funded programme and has been a very useful tool in helping to re-build essential skills for students coming out of the pandemic years who have not have the chance to develop them in the same way as previous year groups.
Overall impact
As it is only the first year, the impact is relatively small, however, the foundations are now there to build upon, and consistent language is being used across the school.
Keep it simple
We have used short lessons in our conference days and placed posters in form rooms for specific year groups. Tutors have also had the opportunity to explore the platform and begin using the essential skills language.
Start early, keep going
We targeted year 7 initially, with the idea that each progressive year group would be introduced to Skills Builder resulting in all learners having experienced the platform by year 11.
Measure it
We are using the reflective log for year 10 students when on work experience and this will give insights as to how much they understand about progressing in their essential skills.
Focus tightly
Regular opportunities are given in conference days, spread out through the year - daily tutor times have also been used. Tutors used resources from the Hub.
Keep practising
Extra-curricular activities, such as DofE , sporting events,work experience and after school clubs allow students to practice their essential skills as well as school and home life. Some tutors referenced the essential skills in their subject lessons as well as tutor times.
Bring it to life
Y10 students have 1 week of work experience and there are other more targeted employer events. We ran sessions ahead of the work experience for students to identify focus skills and learn about how to build these skills. The students and employers were asked to feedback on the use of essential skills during the week. Also, activities week which takes them out of usual routines help to build essential skills.
What's next
I would like to continue to introduce the essential skills and activities to Y7s.
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