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Crosshill Special School

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Crosshill Special School
When creating a new curriculum SLT found missing skills from pupils that should be used in all lessons. As a school we found SkillsBuilders could promote essential skills that would benefit all children and the children can apply the essential skills in all areas of school life.
Overall impact
As a school the highlight has been all teachers and support staff fully engaging in the programme and all children accessing specific teaching of essential skills.
Keep it simple
All classrooms have the Skills Builder skills on display on the walls and interactive boards. Some teachers are building the skills icons into their class lesson resources. Some class teams have created Skills Builder stickers on the ipad for worksheets. We have skills of the term focus as well as integrating the skills into curriculum lessons. The children have at least two Skills Builders lessons. Every half term the children have a Skills Builders project, this enables the students to focus and transfer specific skills into their work. As a school we have referenced skills in the school policies and Skills Builder skills are threaded through the curriculum in every MTP.
Start early, keep going
Skills Builder was introduced to the whole school at the beginning of the academic year. Skills are continually referred to and skills developed in all lessons evidence can be seen in MTP. For work experience, employers write on the placement booklet how students can develop essential skills during the placement. Some of the students are awarded with skills certificates that parents will see when they take them home.
Measure it
Students access weekly Skills builders lessons. All children 11-19 years access activities that build essential skills. Children record their work depending on the level of learner. Students reflect on their essential skills after the Skills Builders lessons according to their ability. All children have Skills Builders passports. This insight helps to focus the skills development plans for the following activity and future year.
Focus tightly
We have a number of curriculum lessons where the Skills Builder steps are incorporated. Informal learners access seesaw activities and use skills builders resources. Semi formal learners- access Skills Builders activities and teacher led lessons. Formal learners-access Skills Builders activities and develop independence learning. Post 16- access the Skills Builders programme weekly and transfer skills into lessons. We have Skills Builders lessons to focus on the skills and aid development. Every term the learners participate in a Skills Builders project.
Keep practising
Through the Skills Builders lessons and other curriculum lessons, students have the chance to recognise the skills and practise them. This continues into our Sixth Form. We have termly projects incorporated into the timetable that supports building the skills where they can explicitly practise them. Skills Builder lessons are planned to help students practise all essential skills areas.
Bring it to life
We expect employers that we work with to integrate essential skills into the workplace. During careers week essential skills are highlighted and the students are able to record how they use them in the workplace. The Formal learners are also encouraged to incorporate Skills Builders language when answering questions on skills needed for their jobs and are encouraged to integrate these into their personal statements. Students focus on their skills section termly.
What's next
The plan going forwards is to maintain sustainability and keep up the motivation. Ensuring that this year's initiatives are cemented next year and that case studies are collected that show the impact that Skills Builder is having on our students. The team plans to create a key stage 3,4 and 5 Skills Builders project chart. The team plan to regularly speak to students and staff to gauge how Skills Builder is filtering through and how they feel it is preparing them for the future. The challenge is to ensure that all staff members are trained, engaged and passionate about the impact that Skills Builder is having on the success of our school development plan in a really positive way.
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