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ELUTEC Academy is a specialist University Technical College ranging from students aged 14-19. The reason as to why ELUTEC decided to get involved with Skills Builder was because it exercises skills that are crucial to the world as well as education. It allows our students as well as teachers to practise their skills and enhance them through lessons, activities and interactions with one another.
Overall impact
This Skills Builder Accelerator programme has initially enabled our teachers to structure focus curriculum lessons. As well as see the relevance of these essential skills when teaching lessons, particularly to Year 11 and Year 12.
Keep it simple
This Skills Builder logos are displayed around the school to alert students and staff of their skills. English and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) lessons have been linked with Skills Builder to support students to develop and practise these skills.
Start early, keep going
We have used Skills Builder to support students to understand their essential skills and then practise and enhance their skills further using the resource available. There are specially catered activities to allow all learners of all ages and stages of education to build their essential skills.
Measure it
As teachers we are able to monitor and understand the skills of our students and it through the Skills Builder Hub where I can see what each students has achieved and what they are working on. Through this I was able to plan Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons accordingly to help further enhance these skills.
Focus tightly
Activities which take place in the lesson, clearly indicate which skill is being used. Also, it helps telling the students "This activity is focusing on your Listening and Speaking skills," so that the students are aware too. Printing off the further resources and workbooks for students who need more support than the rest of the class does help a lot too.
Keep practising
Students have opportunities to practise and apply their skills in curriculum lessons. An example of this, is when writing their CV's in their Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) lessons, I was able to draw up the skills on the board which students were able to further include and reference in their CV's.
Bring it to life
The essential skills have proved to be helpful in careers lessons. Students have also presented presentations and on their checklist/criteria the essential skills have been written down, to ensure they are purposefully practising them too. The students are aware why these skills are needed in wider life.
What's next
Staff look to continue structuring each lesson using the Skills Builder Framework, as a way of raising awareness in students about the essential skills and to encourage them to continue building these.
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