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Futures Hurghada Language School

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Futures Hurghada Language School
Futures Hurghada Language School is a private school in Hurghada, Egypt. The age of learners ranges from 12-16.
Overall impact
The students became more aware of the skills and improved their skills. The programme also helped to engage parents in their child’s learning.
Keep it simple
We engaged with the programme first by talking about the programme and focusing on its importance and the importance of the skills, particularly Speaking and Listening. We showed some videos from the hub and discussed ways to raise awareness of the skills and inform parents. Posters were displayed inside classrooms, the skills were promoted on the school Facebook page and on Smartboards. We sent digital Listening and Speaking certificates to students (for students to print). We taught students to be able to use the skills in their everyday lives by teaching them and providing opportunities for them to practise their Speaking, Listening, Leadership and Problem Solving skills.
Start early, keep going
We have introduced Skills Builder to students aged 12 – 16. They have weekly focussed skill lessons, where the Hub activities are used. Skill sessions are run in media rooms, so the Internet connection works well.
Measure it
We used the Hub assessment tracking system so that records of achievement can be maintained. This has not only evidenced the learning but also provided a basis for future planning.
Focus tightly
We taught sessions which have been referred to at each stage of future interactions with the students. For example, ‘Do you remember what we learnt last week? Can you try not interrupting your classmates and giving them a chance to speak?’.
Keep practising
The skills have been referred to in the literature sessions. We have a dedicated drama teacher who is building these skills into her sessions so they can be reinforced. Other projects this term have been created, where the children had to work together.
Bring it to life
We asked the students to apply the essential skills and express themselves through Public Speaking Presentations. Students also chose a Challenge Day from the Hub - the Chocolate Challenge (a resource where students consider what makes a successful business). This gave them an opportunity to apply the skills which they had learnt and been practising.
What's next
We will continue to focus on the essential skills throughout the curriculum. In addition, we will further encourage our students to apply these skills in their daily lives.