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Green Oaks Primary Academy

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Green Oaks Primary Academy
Green Oaks Primary Academy is situated In the Kingsthorpe area of Northampton. Everybody at this school believes that all pupils can achieve well, reflecting its mission and vision statements. Staff, pupils, parents and carers work together to make sure that they do. This is a school where staff are determined to give every child who comes through its doors the best possible start in life. Children get off to a swift start to their learning in the early years. They are well prepared for their next steps. Staff expect pupils to work hard. Leaders and staff know every child well. Pupils are safe, settled and happy. The staff work closely with parents and carers to sort out any problems either at school or at home. Pupils are proud of their school. Pupils understand that what they learn will help them to aim for different jobs. All staff are committed to broadening pupils' horizons and pupils absorb this sense of ambition. This is why we got involved with the Skills Builder accelerator programme so we could ensure that we were providing the pupils with all the necessary skills to be a successful citizen. They want to challenge themselves. School leaders are very proud to be part of the community of Kingsthorpe. Pupils benefit from links with local businesses and groups. Leaders' vision is to make the school a real hub of the community. They achieve this well.
Overall impact
The focus on the skills required to be able to do certain jobs and roles has added some reality to pupils and self-reflection about what they are good at.
Keep it simple
The essential skills are on display in every classroom. We have aligned the 8 skills to certain half terms throughout the year, and focused on 1 or 2 skills each half term. Pupils have a skills builder BINGO mat and each time they achieve a row (consisting of all eight skills) they receive a reward in assembly. Each half term we celebrate in assembly the top 3 pupils demonstrating that skill the most consistently.
Start early, keep going
We start our skills builder experience in our Nursery and adapt the rewards accordingly.
Measure it
We check on progress by reviewing the progress made on the hub against the initial baseline. We review our BINGO mats for pupils who need to work on a particular skill in order to achieve. We include the skills builder icons on our lesson visit monitoring forms as a reminder to check with pupils their understanding and also to check for links made with the skills.
Focus tightly
Each half term when there is a focused skill each teacher uses resources from the hub to support the teaching of that skill. Skills are frequently referenced in planning and during the delivery of lessons where opportunities occur.
Keep practising
We have begun to use the challenge days to support pupils to practice their skills.
Bring it to life
During our careers focus weeks, the essential skills are frequently referenced as to the desirable attributes for particular careers or employers. Regular questioning by teachers about what children's strengths are and what they need to improve in order to be able to be successful at their chosen career.
What's next
To further embed the half termly approach and provide the pupils with regular opportunities to practice these skills interwoven into the curriculum.
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