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Hamed Gouhar Official Language School

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Hamed Gouhar Official Language School
Gouhar official language school is located in Egypt, Red Sea, Hurghada. Our school encourages autonomous learning as the students search for information, master skills and prepare for their future professions.
Overall impact
Teachers did their best to teach and assess essential skills in their subjects. The programme was a great chance to develop the school’s provision.
Keep it simple
Posters were displayed in classrooms. Some teachers rewarded students by giving them certificates for applying their skills. Teachers created a WhatsApp Group to make it easy for them to communicate and decide a focus skill, share information about the skill and share best practice. Parents were notified about the skills and the programme (leaflets were given out).
Start early, keep going
We have embedded essential skills education from Nursery to Grade 10. Teachers have taught 6 skills during the year: Creativity, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Listening, Staying Positive and Leadership. Younger students were introduced to the language of essential skills in a simple way such as through role play and other activities. Older students were more independent as they were asked to research the skills themselves and find out information about them.
Measure it
Teachers used the offline assessment tool to track progress in essential skills. The assessment was then used to inform next steps.
Focus tightly
Teachers integrated skill teaching into tutor time (at the beginning of the session or at the end). They used the offline handbook guidance to teach the skills to students. They sometimes watched videos from the Hub, and then supported students to practise the skills using reflection questions.
Keep practising
Students engaged in different tasks and projects to learn about and practise their essential skills. They used their learning from tutor time in different subject areas so that they had an opportunity to practise their skills.
Bring it to life
School visits (e.g. a visit to some islands to raise awareness of the importance of water and how to keep it clean), and projects provided opportunities for students to apply their skills. School trips and visits were related closely to the essential skills.
What's next
We look forward to embedding the other skills into the curriculum and making full use of the Hub.