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Harbour Primary and Nursery School

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Harbour Primary and Nursery School
Skills Builder was introduced to us as part of a careers project we were involved in last year. Our school is passionate about providing pupils with a well-rounded, inspiring and creative curriculum and so participating in the Skills Builder programme was something that was of immediate interest. One of our main drives and priorities at Harbour is to make sure all of our learners leave with high aspirations for themselves and with a secure understanding and application of the 8 key skills. We hope that this will enable them to be successful in whatever future career they choose.
Overall impact
Children have enjoyed receiving certificates when they have demonstrated good learning. Through pupil voice I know that children across the school are aware of the essential skills. It has been a good way of bringing together the school and having a theme that threads its way through each year group.
Keep it simple
We have a whole school Skills Builder display in the main hall. We have a whole school focus skill in place which links to home learning activites for Key Stage 2 children. This focus skill is also referred to external practitioners who work with the children in our school. Each class records some of their Skills Builder work in class books and explicit Skills Builder sessions are taught in each year group.
Start early, keep going
Our whole school approach to Skills Builder has ensured that all children should have been exposed to the skills. Classroom displays and whole school focus should have meant consistency across the year groups. Teachers from all age groups have been involved in training sessions and parents have been engaged when supporting their children to access the home learning videos or homework tasks
Measure it
This Skills Builder Hub Assessment tool has been used by some teachers to understand the essential skills of the class they are working with. Each class has a Skills Builder book where they can record their work on the 8 essential skills.
Focus tightly
Staff allocated dedicated time or find links across the curriculum to incorporate Skills Builder resources, stories, activities and videos.
Keep practising
Skills Builder is referred to in extra curricular clubs such as Forest School and Multi Sports P.E coach always refers to the skills in P.E lessons. Some additional homework tasks have been set for particular children to support and stretch.
Bring it to life
In order to bring the skills to life, we worked with a local Sussex flower grower Ben Cross to make a video about the essential skills.
What's next
We will continue to refer to the skills and plan in opportunities to apply them within our curriculum.
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