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International Public School

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International Public School
Our school is located in Egypt, Damietta, New Damietta, Dar Masr. Our learners’ ages are from 4 to 9. Our School is an international public school; we deliver the British curriculum to our learners. Our school has embedded Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving and Creativity skills into our curriculum. We had already been using these skills in our daily activities inside our classes but we were not aware of how to enhance and develop these skills. Skills Builder provides us with the clear framework and steps to teach our learners the essential skills and their importance in their future. It provides the ability to follow our progress through a checked list and provide evidence of progress.
Overall impact
Our learners have more motivation to come to school and learn more and more. The children’s awareness of the skills and their confidence has really improved. Skills Builder creates an atmosphere of discovering ourselves and preparing ourselves for the future. The programme is easy to follow, easy to implement and has been easy to continue. Teachers love the simple steps they follow with their students. Our pupils enjoy learning about what each skill means and how they can enhance their performance. They have become more independent and can now see different subjects from different points of view. Parents are very interested in the programme and support their children to develop their skills further. They are impressed with how their children can have ownership over their skill development and improve their skills. The programme can also create the soul of competition between learners and make them enthusiastic to become better and better.
Keep it simple
First of all, our internal ‘Skills Builder team’ met together to discuss the importance of the skills and how we can implement the programme in an integrated way within our curriculum. Every stage discussed strategies for raising awareness of the skills and how to embed these skills during different subjects’ sessions. We discussed how to make use of every opportunity, to ensure Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving and Creativity skills were being reinforced at all times even during lunchtimes and breaks. Every month I checked that the target skill was displayed. At the end of the month, I checked that students were awarded a skill certificate for good progress. We ensure understanding of the essential skills by holding regular staff meetings for Continuous Professional Development. Our Skills Builder contact has been very helpful ensuring there is a good understanding of the skills.
Start early, keep going
During the year, we have applied 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving and Creativity in all stages inside the school, from FS1 to Year3. All stages have begun to have weekly focussed integrated lessons. Throughout the year, we realised the positive impact the essential skill teaching was having. Parents have been informed of the essential skills. The staff have been highlighting the skills within their planning in the weekly and daily plans.
Measure it
All teachers use the offline assessment tool (to identify the appropriate step to develop, and for progress tracking). Students also reflect on their own progress. Some classes, especially FS1 and FS2, have noticed that one or two essential skills have needed more work. So, they have focused on the activities that support these skills. A platform has been provided for teachers to share information with each other.
Focus tightly
All teachers dedicate time to teaching skills; this is written in their planning. We have also had a range of staff that have delivered the Skills Builder Projects (resources on the Hub) and found these very engaging for the children. The Projects enable students to learn about and practise essential skills.
Keep practising
Staff give children the chance to practise their essential skills by incorporating the essential skills and language into their lessons. This is done in a range of ways: for example, using the skill displays in each classroom and displaying the skill symbols in learning objectives. We have ample opportunities to discuss ways that the essential skills can be linked into other areas of life and other lessons that are not specific ‘Skills Builder lessons’.
Bring it to life
We discussed on regular occasions how essential skills contribute to wider life. As mentioned above, some staff ran Skills Builder Projects with students, which have a ‘real-life’ focus. Skills are also enhanced in provisions available at playtime and lunchtime to encourage skill progression.
What's next
We intend to ensure that new grades added to the school benefit from high quality skills education. We also aim to integrate the skills into after school clubs and wider community engagements, and write essential skills into the curriculum policy. We will continue on the Skills Builder journey and teach our children the essential skills needed for their lives.