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Landau Forte College

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Landau Forte College
Landau is an inner city comprehensive school. We have a diverse intake of students and Skills Builder was chosen as a pilot project to enhance and support careers and PSHE education.
Overall impact
It's been a well supported and positive experience. Students post lock-down have benefitted form this.
Keep it simple
We have built Skills Builder into tutor time (form time) for year groups 10 and 7. We've used it as part of the recovery curriculum, to prepare yr 10 for work experience, integrated into SOW for KS4 Learning for Life. We have put posters in tutor bases, and carried out tutor time visits to discuss with staff and students. We have built it into the Learning for Life induction pack for non-specialist staff. We have integrated with Unifrog when we deliver careers at all levels.
Start early, keep going
We have introduced this into tutor time in year 7 and built into yr 9, 10 and 11 SOW planning.
Measure it
Personal tutors have adapted the Skill level according to the tutor group and progressed through. They feedback and discuss this at meetings.
Focus tightly
Tutor time activities are used to complement the clips shown. Feedback and activities in yr 9-11 Values/Learning for Life.
Keep practising
In year 10 students practiced Skills during local employer interviews and work experience.
Bring it to life
In year 9 we conduct a virtual work experience and discuss the skills needed to be successful.
What's next
Further integration into the wider curriculum , full roll-out at tutor time.
East Midlands
United Kingdom