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Newham College of Further Education

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Newham College of Further Education
The pre-16 cohort in the college have been using the Skills Builder programme as part of their tutorial and soft skills development across their year of study. The scheme allows students and teachers to use a dashboard, badge scheme and tracking of soft skills development across eight skills. Learners benefit from an individual tracking diagram to record their progress in year which has been well received by parents too.
Overall impact
Learner self-confidence has improved from the embedded approach. All teachers have a clear vision of the programme across their delivery which supports a holistic approach in curriculum delivery while enabling group tutorial and assemblies to resonate more clearly with learners. The badging and posters and online platform highlight and skills development over time.
Keep it simple
Badging, posters, dedicated tutorials build awareness and develop the skills over time. Parents are shown progress in progress reviews. Teachers use skills handbook to bridge gaps in skills. Regular assemblies re-inforce messaging and images from Skills Builder.
Start early, keep going
Skills are embedded across all subjects, with each Scheme of Work highlights the skills development alongside dedicated sessions in tutorials and in tutorial reports.
Measure it
Target setting online and reviews online include score and measure learner development and progress on the Skills Builder system and associated college system, E-Tracker. Learners feel more confident and the individualised progress since base-line enables a clear insight in skills development for teachers and learners. Skills Builder Benchmark data enables accurate reporting for pre-16 cohort to the Local Authority and Social Services.
Focus tightly
Teacher led sessions highlight steps from the Framework of the essential skills, which supports learners in class time to develop the 8 skills over their course of study. This follows on from base line assessments and in year tracking and monitoring by a dedicated group tutor.
Keep practising
Group tutorials, in class activity and role-playing supports learners to enhance these skills outside of teaching time. Hard copies of workbooks (printed from Skills Builder Hub) support learners outside of college time, together with online catch up.
Bring it to life
The program supports careers advice and progression, especially in "decision-making" and communication skills. Learners have felt more confident in dealing with guest speakers and ask questions now in forums and in-class debating society.
What's next
Next, we want to build on success within in this area and look to add the programme and platform to other areas of the college, notably in Supported Internships.
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