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Norbury Manor Primary School

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Norbury Manor Primary School
Norbury Manor Primary School is an inclusive, multicultural two-form entry Croydon Primary school that sits on the borders of 3 boroughs (Croydon, Merton and Lambeth). Our priority is to ensure that our pupils receive an excellent education in a nurturing environment that encourages our pupils to Make Every Moment Count. We are dedicated to building opportunities for pupils to achieve the highest academic standards, ensuring that they are known well as individuals and that their unique personalities, talents and interests are given the opportunities to flourish within and beyond the classroom. We believe that embedding Skills Builder into our curriculum, and daily practice equips staff with a common framework that supports our pupils' understanding of skills essential for their journey through education and beyond.
Overall impact
The skills builder's programme has given our curriculum and enrichment activities a real purpose. The expanded steps have introduced a common language that breaks down the skill into achievable steps, which is essential to developing our pupils' well-being and self-awareness. The parents have enjoyed participating in events like Career Day and the Art exhibition because they can relate to the skills and support their child with ways to achieve the steps. The Framework resources, assessment and guidance support teachers in planning practical sessions and measuring pupils' progress. The expanded skills steps were easy to adapt to our assessment language and ensured all pupils could reflect on their progress and identify their next step regardless of their ability.
Keep it simple
The skills are an essential part of our school ethos and values. Pupils discuss the skills during our weekly assemblies and are awarded certificates sent home and Dojo points for achieving the skill of the week. In addition, pupils explore the expanded steps linked to various subjects during challenge week and Active maths lessons. Regular videos, letters and pictures of pupils studying the skills are posted on our website and shared with parents
Start early, keep going
The expanded skills builder steps were taught from Early Years to Year 6. The skills have been included in our curriculum maps and are linked to a range of subjects explored during our half-termly Subject focus week, which develops pupils' foundation skills alongside skills builder. Hub resources are used to support pupils' understanding of the expanded steps. Educators regularly refer to the skills posters and allow pupils to reflect on the step they have achieved and set their next target. In addition, EYFs learning journals include evidence of pupils achieving the skills. These are shared with parents.
Measure it
All Teachers assess pupils at the start of each half term as part of our subject focus week and use the outcomes to identify the steps the pupils will explore throughout the week. Assessments were also completed at the start and end of Career Day. The appropriate expanded steps are displayed in class to support teachers in referring to the steps and supporting pupils in knowing how to achieve the next step. Explicit skill builders' lessons are taught, and then pupils are allowed to apply the skills in various subjects. Teachers stamp our pupil's bespoke skill sheets and reassess the skills at the end of each challenge week. Pupils are encouraged to highlight when they have achieved a skill.
Focus tightly
Dedicated time has been allocated for explicitly teaching essential skills using the hub resources. A whole school ½ termly skill focus is part of our curriculum maps and plans. Year 1 to Year 6, complete our bespoke pupil skill sheet, which uses the expanded steps as steps to mastering the skill (Mild, Spicy, Hot). Our weekly skills builder assembly calendar highlights the focus of our weekly whole school assemblies. Educators explore the skills further in class and reward certificates during our weekly celebration assembly
Keep practising
Subject leaders have selected skills and incorporated them into their subject focus week, which explores specific national curriculum skills across a week. Parents and carers receive letters highlighting the skills the children are exploring during subject focus weeks and suggestions on how they can further develop the skills at home and access the home hub. Teamwork skills are explored during our active maths lessons. Skills have also been linked to clubs and other enrichment opportunities shared on our school website
Bring it to life
Pupils from EYFS to Year 6 took part in careers day. Each year group was visited by a parent/volunteer who shared their work experience and how they have used the skills in their job. Classes have also explored the 'Careers and Enterprise' resources, including videos explaining why particular skills are essential in specific positions. Children reflected on how the skills will help them with their ambitions.
What's next
To continue to embed the skills into our curriculum and embed the skills into our 'Dip and Do' homework which will develop further links with parents. To use specific skills like speaking and listening when setting targets for our EHC plans.
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