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The London Screen Academy

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The London Screen Academy
The London Screen Academy (LSA) is a specialist sixth form college dedicated to film and television. Our primary goal is to address the shortages of skills within the screen industries while also promoting diversity in both onscreen storytelling and off-screen workforces. In collaboration with BBC Studios, LSA launched the ‘LSA Pledge’ in September 2023. This initiative draws inspiration from the BBC's own programme, called The Pledge. As part of this, all LSA students commit to an agreement where they 'pledge' to: uphold LSA's values, develop as a professional, and adhere to industry best practices. The 'professional development' aspect has been greatly supported by Skills Builder. In our context, we use the 'essential skills' to form our 'professional behaviours' framework. Students are assessed on their Knowledge, Skills, and (professional) Behaviours (KSBs). The professional behaviours are framed around communication, creative problem-solving, self-management and collaboration. This framework also forms the basis for other opportunities provided, including a range of industry experiences and our ‘LSAx’ programme of extracurricular activities.
Overall impact
The Accelerator Plus programme is offering us a precise direction and structure as we enhance and refine the teaching and learning of the essential skills (professional behaviours) at LSA. Skills Builder has been extremely helpful in customising the framework to suit our specific context and providing valuable recommendations to further enrich our offering of professional behaviour development.
Keep it simple
Upon enrolment at LSA, students commit to the LSA Pledge, outlining the essential skills (professional behaviours) they will develop and be assessed in. The LSA Pledge is referenced in crucial policies like the behaviour and SEND policy, establishing strong connections with LSA's vision and values. Upon completing the course, students will have the opportunity to receive a certificate for their professional behaviours. This certificate is awarded based on KSB (professional behaviours) assessment data, behaviour points, and attendance records. We aim for industry professionals to support this certificate, affirming that students are prepared for the demands of the industry.
Start early, keep going
Upon completing the induction and signing the LSA Pledge, students are taught and assessed in ‘essential skills’ (professional behaviours) in every film and television project, as well as their additional qualification (AdQual) subjects (English, Maths or EPQ). Furthermore, students engage in discussions about Professional Behaviours (the essential skills) during PSHCE lessons. These vital behaviours are integrated into our curriculum, ensuring they are consistently taught and assessed throughout a student’s journey at LSA.
Measure it
In the film and television course, assessment is via the (behaviour) KSBs, which also includes the integration of 'skills steps.' The AdQual department adopts a holistic approach, evaluating students on all professional behaviours and conducting regular one-on-one sessions to track their development. The behaviour points system is also aligned with the ‘essential skills’ (professional behaviour) framework. For example, students can earn a 'High 5' point for exhibiting strong communication, creative problem-solving, self-management or collaboration skills.
Focus tightly
The ‘essential skills’ (professional behaviours) are taught and assessed directly with a clear focus. The ‘skills steps’ have influenced the design of key tasks, and also assist with task differentiation. The steps within the KSBs also play a role in shaping task design. Moreover, during the exploration of professional behaviour within the PSHCE curriculum, the essential skills are prominently highlighted for students' understanding.
Keep practising
The language of the essential skills (professional behaviours) is embedded in all teaching and learning because of the behaviour KSBs. The ‘steps’ have the potential to be used within lessons to explain how students should be behaving professionally. The professional behaviours are also mapped to the LSAx programme and industry offerings e.g. LSA's mentoring programme, where students get the opportunity to meet regularly with industry professionals in their chosen field.
Bring it to life
LSA's curriculum is wholly centred around preparing students for the screen industries, with the 'professional behaviour' KSBs playing a vital role in equipping students for successful careers. Regular work experience and industry opportunities provide students with a chance to enhance their 'essential skills' in real professional environments.
What's next
This academic year, there is a strong emphasis on 'essential skills' (professional behaviours) with the introduction of the LSA Pledge. We are committed to ongoing review and enhancement of our efforts to provide an exceptional professional behaviours education to our students, effectively preparing them for successful careers in the screen industries.
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