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Everyone needs eight essential skills to succeed - whatever their path in life. We're providing a range of resources for building these skills in a home setting - all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework. Resources are available for learners aged 4 to 20+.


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Skills Challenge
Monday 3rd May 2021

Sit quietly for 5 minutes to think and make a list of all the things you can do that make you feel happy and positive, even if something has gone wrong. Share your list with others in your household.  You may have ideas that would help and support them in difficult times.

Reflection Questions

Getting Started: How does this activity make you feel?

Intermediate: How could you use this activity to feel more positive when something goes wrong?

Advanced: How could this help you to look on the bright side of something?

Mastery: How can you manage your emotional response to best support others?

Staying Positive
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