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Everyone needs eight essential skills to succeed - whatever their path in life. We're providing a range of resources for building these skills in a home setting - all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework.

Resources are available for learners aged 4 to 20+.

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Daily Challenge
Friday 10th July 2020

Check in with a friend or family member who might be finding it difficult in these times.
Find out how they are feeling and share how you are feeling.
Work together to share ideas of how to stay motivated.
Extension: lead a coaching-style conversation to support the other person to reflect on how they could improve their mindset.

Reflection Questions

Beginner: How can you explore how other people are feeling through questioning?

Intermediate: How can you support people in your family or friendship circle?

Advanced: What do you think makes mentoring work well?
When does mentoring not work well?

Expert: What are the critical things that a leader can do to maintain motivation in others around them?

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