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Everyone needs eight essential skills to succeed - whatever their path in life. We're providing a range of resources for building these skills in a home setting - all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework. Resources are available for learners aged 4 to 20+.


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Saturday 13th August 2022

Imagine a new neighbour has moved into your area.
Who would you take with you to greet them?
What could you do to make them feel welcome?
How could you find out more about them?

Imagine you were going to throw them a party.
What roles would each of your family members do, to help prepare the party?

Reflection Questions

Getting Started: When do you find it easier (or more difficult) to work with others in a positive way?

Intermediate: Have you helped make decisions with others?

Advanced: How can you encourage others to help out too?

Mastery: What is an 'unhelpful conflict'? How can you avoid this when working with others?

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