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Everyone needs eight essential skills to succeed - whatever their path in life. We're providing a range of resources for building these skills in a home setting - all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework. Resources are available for learners aged 4 to 20+.


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Skills Challenge
Monday 31st August 2020

This week, create the opportunity for a team activity. Ask friends or family members to work with you. You might complete a puzzle, run a relay race or work on a craft project.

Throughout the activity make sure you are being a good teammate by:

Being positive,
Supporting others,
Contributing to the group,
Resolving conflicts.

Extension: Reflect on the group task. Was it quicker or easier to do with teammates? Did you enjoy working with others?

Reflection Questions

Beginner: When do you find it easier or more difficult to work with others in a positive way?

Intermediate: What does it mean to take responsibility?

Advanced: Why is it important to contribute to group decision making and encourage others to contribute?

Expert: How can you support the team by evaluating others' strengths and weaknesses?

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