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Apps for Good provide free creative technology courses that help 10- to 18-year-olds take an idea from problem to prototype. Expert volunteers support teachers and students to design and build apps and IoT (Internet of Things) products.

In addition to building students’ technical skills, they are committed to developing creativity, resilience and an entrepreneurial spirit – making the Skills Builder Framework an ideal fit for structuring progress and measuring outcomes.

How did they use the Skills Builder Framework?

At the start of their Apps for Good course, teachers assessed students’ proficiency in the eight essential skills using the online teacher assessment tool. A second assessment at the end of the course, allowed teachers and Apps for Good to see the impact of the courses on the students’ essential skills.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

The Framework allows for more accurate and consistent assessments of students’ ‘soft’ skills between different teachers. This in turn then allows teachers and Apps for Good to share course impact reports as well as looking at which specific part of the essential skills to focus on next with their group of students.

How do they plan to use the Framework in the future?

In the future, Apps for Good are keen to learn from the pilot and understand how the Framework can support them and their teachers to gain more feedback about the skills their students are developing in order to report on impact and continuously improve their courses.

We could have spent years trying to build our own framework and assessment tools, but actually joining up with people who all have that same mission is really important to us.

Natalie Moore, Head of Education & Events

Teachers have often said, ‘Can we have that data shared back with us?’ … So I think that appealed to our teachers: as part of this, they’d get those reports, they’d get access to the data, and we could all look at it and understand how successful Apps for Good courses are.

Natalie Moore, Head of Education & Events

Overall easy to use and easy to upload class information.

Maria Parkes, St. Marylebone CE School