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Business in the Community

Business in the Community exist to build healthy communities with successful businesses at their heart.

Business in the Community – The Prince’s Responsible Business Network - is a business-led membership organisation made up of progressive businesses of all sizes who understand that the prosperity of business and society are mutually dependent.

How did they use the Skills Builder Framework?

Business in the Community have a programme called “Business Class” which creates effective and mutually beneficial school-businesses partnerships, which over 450 schools and 1,000 businesses have been involved with. This matters because repeated, in-depth engagement between employers and young people can help prevent social background predicting a young person's success at school and beyond. Business in the Community plan to use the Framework to help schools pinpoint particular skills that their students still need to develop and map out how their “Business Class” employer partners can support the school to build these skills.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

Business in the Community believe the Framework will really support communication between schools and employers in terms of which skills are essential and what the success criteria for these skills looks like.  

How do they plan to use the Framework in the future?

Business in the Community have hundreds of employer partners that engage with schools in different ways. They are keen to support these businesses to make those interactions as powerful as possible, with skills building, and therefore the Skills Builder Framework, playing a key part in this.

Skills Builder is a fantastic way for us to speak with a common language about the skills and competencies that young people need to build to be successful in their working lives.

Rachael Saunders, Director - Education

We look forward to working with BITC members to share the framework and support them to embed it in their delivery in schools.

Rachael Saunders, Education Director

We know that supporting young people to develop and recognise skills beyond qualifications is pivotal to their success beyond the school gates. This is even more important for those young people from more disadvantaged communities. Skills builder is an evidenced based framework and we are proud to be supporting its roll out.

Katy Neep, Head of Campaigns - Education