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Family Links is a national charity dedicated to empowering children, parents, families, schools and workplaces to be emotionally healthy. They deliver innovative, high quality training in the Nurturing Programme to health and social care services, third sector organisations, schools and universities in order to give every child the best chance in life.

How did they use the Skills Builder Framework?

For the pilot Enabling Enterprise ran two workshops for parents, one focused on Problem Solving and one  looking at Aiming High. Through these workshops, Family Links started to look at ways in which parents, carers and families can be a powerful lever in building these skills not only for young people but also for themselves.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

As we all know, parents are the most powerful role models for their children but many may have had difficult experiences of school themselves, and/or feel anxious that they are not equipped to support their child’s learning. Indeed one of the parents said ‘these skills aren’t for parents like me, or my children, they are for families who go to university’. Building these skills and having a common language to talk about them using the Framework, for adults as well as children, is essential for long term sustainability.

How do they plan to use the Framework in the future?

Family Links, in partnership with Enabling Enterprise, are keen to explore ways in which the Framework and future resources and training that sit around it, could support parents to understand and build these skills for their children, as well as support parents to develop these skills for themselves.

At Family Links we believe that building skills such as staying positive, being able to truly listen, and leading others with support and motivation- are essential to equip young people for their lives at home, in the workplace and within the wider community.

Bea Stevenson, Head of Emotional Health at School

Building these skills has multiple benefits: they are the springboard for learning and academic success, they are skills for enterprise and employability, and they support young people to develop good mental health.

Bea Stevenson, Head of Emotional Health at School

Like Enabling Enterprise, and a number of other organisations in the Fair Education Alliance we would like to see the education system put more weighting on these key skills, and support schools in a range of ways to make sure they are prioritised.

Bea Stevenson, Head of Emotional Health at School