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Al-Mabarrat Association
Our strategic partners financially support us to expand our work - either through developing new programmes or extending into new areas. We couldn’t grow without them and thank them for all their support.
Our employer partners periodically host visits to their workplaces by groups of students, who get a chance to meet employees and ask questions. Volunteers and students then get to work on a challenge that gives a flavour of what the organisation does.

Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization is a humanitarian, non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and educating orphans. Established in 1991 in Dearborn, Michigan, Al-Mabarrat secures sponsors and donations for 15 schools and 9 orphanages in Lebanon, Iraq and other impoverished countries.

Following its missionary spirit, Al-Mabarrat, as a human experience, aims at guiding and assisting each generation seeking knowledge, enlightenment and progress in life. Al-Mabarrat represents a message: we should all unite our efforts to help these young men and women attain leading positions in our society.

Al-Mabarrat aims, through the orphan care program established in its institutions, to fully build up an orphan’s character physically, intellectually, scientifically, spiritually and socially. Furthermore, they strive to enrich society with capacities that are the result of student acquisitions through the educational process.

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