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Our strategic partners financially support us to expand our work - either through developing new programmes or extending into new areas. We couldn’t grow without them and thank them for all their support.
Our employer partners periodically host visits to their workplaces by groups of students, who get a chance to meet employees and ask questions. Volunteers and students then get to work on a challenge that gives a flavour of what the organisation does.

Earwig provides an app to enable teachers to quickly and easily capture moments of achievement in the classroom and turn these into useful and vivid timelines for any teacher, class, subject or pupil. These effortlessly record and illustrate progress and make sure that the school always has all its teaching evidence ready at any given moment. Pupils can also add their own evidence to their timelines.

These timelines can be shared with parents and Ofsted love the improved parental engagement that results.

The Earwig Assessment Suite enables teachers to tie evidence directly to their assessment decisions and keep this all in the same software package, no matter how many different curricula or assessment frameworks they use. So they need only employ one package across the school, from Primary to Adult.

The Skills Builder Framework is built into Earwig, along with 300 other frameworks in the Earwig Library.

You can find out more about how the platform supports essential skills reflection here on our Impact Directory:

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