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Virtual Digital Explorers

Available across the UK
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Virtual Digital Explorers is a five-day work experience programme, where students experience the unique world of technology, gain employability skills relevant to careers of the future, explore real-life business challenges and help be part of the solution. TATA Consultancy Services' (TCS) programme helps young people discover the diverse and broad range of opportunities available to them in tech, highlighting that no matter their strengths and interests, there's something for everyone in this field.

Industry experts, from TCS and partners, guide students through fascinating panel sessions and masterclasses on current topics including:

  • Find Your Fit: Careers in the tech industry
  • Tech Meets Style: The exciting intersection of fashion and tech
  • Game On: How technology is revolutionising sports
  • Into the Future: Exploring future innovations in tech
  • Unlock Your Potential: Boost your essential skills.

During the week students will work on an individual project, giving them the chance to put everything they have learned into action - for example, Climate Action, where students design digital innovations that solve a sustainability issue in their chosen industry. To support and grade their tech projects, professional TCS mentors are available to give feedback and action points. Students are given a dedicated workbook where they complete daily activities and sections designed for reflection. Students are prompted to document their learnings and the skills they use throughout the programme. Digital Explorers is open to all young people who are eager to learn and explore the exciting world of technology. TCS don’t expect participants to have any prior knowledge or experience with technology, the goal is to provide a programme that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

The programme includes a dedicated workbook that guides students through daily activities and sections designed for reflection. Students are encouraged to document their learnings, experiences and reflect on the skills. The Skills Builder logos and relevant steps are embedded throughout the workbook. The hands-on tech project enables students to apply the skills they learn throughout the week. Students are tasked with designing a digital innovation that helps solve a sustainability problem in their chosen career/industry.

All speakers are briefed and given resources on how to embed the essential skills into their session. Throughout the programme students are given tools which they can take away and use, for example a session on the Design Thinking problem solving process. Digital Explorers gives students the opportunity to gain feedback on their work from industry experts.

After each session students provide immediate feedback through polls. At the end of the programme, we utilise feedback where students share the skills they feel they have improved. This provides invaluable insights to us as programme organisers. The programme incorporates all 8 essential skills, however students often report a significant improvement in Creativity and Problem Solving in particular.

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