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Littledown Special School

Littledown Special School in Slough provides a safe and stimulating environment where children develop the skills which enable them to be included in their communities.

How do they use the Skills Builder Framework?

Littledown School have a series of teacher training sessions to look at how to embed the Framework in the classroom. They then run student-led projects and Challenge Days where students have to work in teams and focus on their essential skills. Some students then have the opportunity to go on a business trip to Thames Water to use these skills in a real-life scenario.

Why do they use the Framework?

Littledown wanted a programme that was structured and gave the children the skills to be aware of, to work on and to develop throughout their schooling. The Framework sets out the progression a young person makes through the skills so they can see where they are at in the skills, and where they are going, enabling them to take the skills into their adult life.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

At Littledown, using the Framework and associated resources encourages the children to employ the essential skills in all areas of their learning and their lives. This will enable the students to become more positive, successful and sociable adults, helping them to become good role models themselves one day.

“The eight skills are a key part of this programme which links in with other parts of the curriculum enabling the children to use the skills in all subjects. ”

Nichola Heaffey, Curriculum Lead

“The children were all talking about today’s business trip to other children and staff when we returned to school which already demonstrated positivity and improving social skills.”

Teacher on Thames Water Trip

“By encouraging these skills, we are helping the children to become good role models themselves.”

Nichola Heaffey, Curriculum Lead