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Shaftesbury Park Primary School

Shaftesbury Park Primary School is in Wandsworth, South London. For several years now the school has had a focus on enterprise and enabling children to make the most of their talents.

How do they use the Skills Builder Framework?

Shaftesbury Park have used the Skills Builder Framework for two years to embed the development of the eight essential skills across the school from Years 1-6. The staff receive training on how to develop the eight skills and use the Framework to assess where their students are at, and what skills they need to focus on. Students have the opportunity to use the skills in projects and Challenge Days as well as going on business trips to see the skills in action in the world of work.

Why do they use the Framework?

Deputy Head Andrew Smith explains the growth of essential skill development within the school came from thinking: ‘What skills do children need in the future, what are the core employability skills they’ll need?‘. The Framework enables teachers to accurately assess their students so they can target their strengths and weaknesses, work out which skills need more focus at a class level, and prepare to support students falling behind in a particular skill.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

James, a Year 5 teacher who supported students through City Pitch, where they designed and built an app for a social purpose, was clear that by developing their essential skills throughout the year, the students were well equipped to tackle any challenge. He commented on how important the skill of Aiming High was for the children who hadn’t believed they’d achieve so much.  

“The Skills Builder Framework makes it more on par to any other lesson. The data from it allows you to see the progress being made and is strong evidence of the impact.”

Andrew Smith, Deputy Head

“The girls have found their voices and grown whilst the boys have shown greater maturity when working in teams, due to the valuable set of skills that are setting them on the right path for life.”

Year 3 Teacher

“The biggest impact is the children’s aspirations. They’ve changed, they see more opportunity. They’ve been given new visions of what they can do with their future.”

Andrew Smith, Deputy Head