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The eight essential skills

Ensure your learners with SEN join the
200,000+ building essential skills.

Build their eight essential skills helps every child and young person to thrive - from the classroom, to the world of work, to home. To truly equip children for the future, we must start building these skills from the very start of school, and keep going throughout.

Free advice toolkit

We've created a toolkit for school leaders that offers advice for embedding the essential skills and the principles into your everyday curriculum.

It comes with the Expanded Framework, which breaks progression down, placing three simple Stepping Stones between Steps to give more extensive scaffolding.

Why Skills Builder?

We work with schools focused on students with special educational needs across England:

The eight skills are a key part of this programme which links with other parts of the curriculum, enabling the children to use the skills in all subjects.

Nichola Heaffey -
Curriculum Lead, Littledown School

Teaching a skills-based curriculum is essential in order to prepare our pupils for adulthood; these are the real-life skills they need to succeed. The Skills Builder tool helps us to assess accurately to maximise the pupils' progress and the resources are helping us interest pupils who were previously challenging to engage in learning.

Joolz Scarlett –
Head Teacher, Manor Green School

Start building skills with a membership

Becoming a Member School allows you to benefit from the expanded Skills Builder Framework and simple activities to support building essential skills.

Training and support

Our team of outstanding qualified teachers help your staff to build their confidence in teaching essential skills and supporting their students’ progress.

Classroom resources

We provide a wide range of resources to help your learners build essential skills, including posters, certificates and a series of short video-based activities.

Assessment tool

Our easy-to-use web tool helps teaching staff assess the students they work with quickly and effectively, allowing them to view their data clearly and decide next steps.

although funded memberships may be available

Join the partnership and transform skills

Becoming a Partner School means getting access to our complete range of projects, events and resources, working closely with our team of teachers to develop a comprehensive approach to building skills.

Training and support

Our team of outstanding qualified teachers help your staff to build their confidence in teaching essential skills and supporting students’ progress. We will work closely to integrate skills education into your curriculum.

Classroom projects and resources

Classroom projects bring learning to life and let students develop and apply new essential skills, while our punchy 10-minute videos are perfect for tutor time. We also provide a wide range of printable resources.

Challenge Days

Challenge Days provide an exciting and engaging way for students across a class, a year group or even the whole school to work together and use their essential skills in a real-life context.

Assessment tool

The Skills Builder Framework breaks each skill down into teachable and learnable chunks; our easy-to-use web tool helps teaching staff to assess their students quickly and view their data clearly, giving evidence of progress.

Price varies with options

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