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Training and support

The Skills Builder Accelerator includes training and support for Skills Leaders and classroom teachers. This enables teachers and leaders to understand how to foster a school or college learning environment which values and promotes high quality skills education.

The following training and support are included within core membership. Increase your impact by including further in-school/college training for £450 per session.

Strategy meetings
Dedicated support on the phone or attached to training to set and review your goals aligned to embedding the Skills Builder Principles
Strategy Meeting 1: Action Plan
  • Reflect on current provision
  • Plan how to embed the six Skills Builder Principles
Strategy Meeting 2: Check-in
  • Reflect on the implementation of the programme
  • Update plans for the programme
Strategy Meeting 3: Review
  • Reflect on how successfully the Principles have been embedded
  • Plan next steps
Skills Leader Training Days
Locally hosted training days, delivered by us, supporting the Skills Leader to become an expert and join a national network of Skills Leaders
Training Day 1: Skills Leaders
  • Find out about the Skills Builder approach & pedagogy
  • Meet and network with other Skills Leaders
  • Explore practical strategies for successfully implementing the Skill Builder Accelerator
Training Day 2: Skills Leaders
  • Reflect on the impact of the programme so far
  • Share examples best practice & hear success stories
  • Develop your understanding of the Skills Builder Principles to increase the impact of your programme
Teacher Training Sessions
Co-delivered by us and the Skills Leader, delivered to your teachers at school or college, tailored to achieve your goals, lasting up to 2 hours
Training Day 1: Skills Leaders
This session is shaped by Strategy Meeting 1.
  • Identify the importance of essential skills
  • Explore the Skills Builder Hub as the complete platform for teaching and learning essential skills
  • Reflect on students’ strengths & areas for development
Training Day 2: Teachers
This session is shaped by Strategy Meeting 2 and is muchmore bespoke to address your specific goals for yourprogramme. You might focus on:
  • Strategies for teaching specific essential skills
  • How to embed a particular Skills Builder Principle
  • Mapping essential skills to existing initiatives