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Training and support

Our team of outstanding qualified teachers help your staff to build their confidence in teaching essential skills and supporting learners’ progress. We will work closely with you to integrate skills education into your work.

Check out examples below.

Core Training - training for all teaching staff to introduce the programme
Introductory Training
Introduces the Skills Builder Principles, Framework and resources for explicit teaching of essential skills. Teachers reflect on their students’ skill strengths and areas for development, whilst exploring resources and strategies to support learner progress.
Follow-up training
An opportunity to reflect on actions taken so far and explore the impact of the programme. Takes a deeper look at strategies for explicit teaching of essential skills and a closer look at specific resources to support individual teacher goals.
Principles Training - targeted training to support your school goals around the Skills Builder Principles
Principle 1: Keep it simple
Supports a consistent approach to building skills & focuses on the use of a common language and shared expectations across your school.
Principle 2: Start Young & Keep Going
Explores how essential skills unlock classroom learning as well as prepare students for the wider world. Starting young allows more time for mastery.
Principle 3: Measure It
Provides structured time to reflect on learners’ skills & the value of assessment. Explore the online assessment tools as well as more informal assessment strategies.
Principle 4: Focus Tightly
An opportunity to look at the importance of a targeted approach, and how to maximise the impact of some dedicated time to focus on a priority area or skill.
Principle 5: Keep Practising
Explores strategies and practical ways to use teaching resources effectively to reinforce skills across the curriculum and accelerate progress.
Principle 6: Bring it to Life
Provides teachers with strategies to ensure learners understand the relevance of essential skills in their day to-day lives as well as the world outside the classroom.
Priority Skill Focus Training - looking at the pedagogy underpinning one or two skills in isolation
Your Priority Skill
An opportunity to dig into a single skill or pair of skills, looking at barriers and opportunities to apply this skill in school and the wider world, as well an a chance to look at strategies and activities specifically designed to teach, practise and reinforce your focus skill.
Programme Support - practical sessions designed to support the delivery of the programme in school
Essential Skill Walks
Highlight best practice across the school and celebrate the skills development taking place. Working closely with you, your Associate observes teaching, provides feedback and guides next steps to increase the impact of your programme and progress of your students.
Planning Support
Practical support with our Projects and Challenge Day resources, this session will support your teachers to deliver our programme elements to get the best outcome for your students and their skill development.
Assessment Tool
Get to know the assessment tool and how it can support learner progress. A session looking at the practicalities of the Online Teacher Assessment tool and support in how to get the most out of the assessment data.
Modelling Skills Teaching
Time spent in school supporting the delivery of the programme and working directly with students, for example, to model best practise to a group of teachers or to launch and/or celebrate the outcome of a project.