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Trips to Employers

Trips help students make the critical link between the skills built in class and the working world. They meet volunteers from a range of organisations and work together to get a flavour of the industry.

Check out some recent Trips to Employers and examples below.

Professional & Business Services
Learners experience first hand how the essential skills apply to the professional services sector. At our law firm hosts, for example, students work with volunteers to explore a fictional legal case and present their findings.
Government & National Health Care
Learners apply the essential skills in the context of the public sector. They find out how employees apply the same skills they are learning back in school, whilst getting to see what goes on day-to-day.
Technology & Digital
Learners work alongside employees from the technology and digital sector to take on their own challenge. At our technology hosts, for example, students explore the importance of teamwork in solving an everyday problem.
Learners work with student ambassadors from the host university and have the opportunity to ask them about their own journeys. Learners gain valuable insight on how the essential skills are important beyond school.
Construction & Manufacturing
Learners explore how the skills are essential in the manufacturing industry. At our construction hosts, teams work towards a tight deadline for their own construction project.
Students work alongside employees from a range of roles and learn about how they apply the essential skills. At our retail partners, students apply their skills to a problem on the shop floor.

Recent Trips to Employers

Check out some of the inspiring trips hosted by our employer partners.